"Lo, Children Are An Heritage of the LORD: and the Fruit of the Womb is His Reward" - Psalm 127:3

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day Fun

 It's been a good Father's Day.  It started a little slow after my husband went to work at 9 am Saturday and didn't get home until 6 am today.  So he started the day with a four-hour nap.  Then he got up and the boys and I took him to lunch.  We ate at a great local cafe with outdoor seating.

 The food was excellent and it was nice and relaxing.  We haven't seen a lot of him since he started his new job, so this was a real treat.

 After lunch we went shopping to get something for his dad for Father's Day.  The Cowboy Shop has all sorts of fun western stuff, and we found a hat that came close to fitting our youngest.  It was too small, but he had fun with it.

 Most of my pictures turned out blurry because I only had my phone and he was moving too much. :)

 The most fun came when we took him over to the three-way mirror. :) There was lots of hand holding...

 Visiting these new children :)

Whispered conversation...

Checkin' out the cute cowboy...

Finger pointing...

High fives...

 Hugs :)

And kisses :)

 Then he  rode the horse with his brother.  This is a genuine antique horse which operates on quarters.

 Then we went to Papa and Bugga's to take Papa his gift.  The first thing the four year old said was, "Bugga, get the Rhino out!"  So she took them for a ride.

 As soon as the ride was over, he asked her for bug juice.  He's got this Bugga thing figured out. ;)

 The one year old found a fun four wheeler toy to drive around.

And ride on...

 And I think Papa had a nice Father's Day too :)

After we came home this afternoon, my husband took another nap, then we grilled some steaks, and I made twice baked potatoes to go with it.  It was a nice quiet evening.  Well, as quiet as an evening can be with three young boys :)  This is the first Father's Day in forever that my husband and his dad didn't attend the local Father's Day Fishing Tournament.  But with not getting any rest he just wasn't up to taking the boat out.  It was kind of nice to have him around for the day for a change ... though we never complain about having fish for dinner ;)

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