"Lo, Children Are An Heritage of the LORD: and the Fruit of the Womb is His Reward" - Psalm 127:3

Thursday, February 13, 2014

New Preschool Supplies!!

 Our local toy store is going out of business, so they have some great sale deals.  I picked up several things I thought would help our preschoolers learn better.  This first toy is a magnetic board with colored disks. You use the magnet wand to move them into place and create a picture.  Great for fine motor skills - and it's all contained, so it will be a great travel toy too.  (By the way these are all Melissa and Doug toys, and they were 40% off!)

I also found this board. It's a magnetic chalk board, which came with letters and numbers, and the other side is a white board.

This was definitely the most popular thing he got.  

I think his favorite part was erasing!

We haven't played with this magnetic calendar yet.  I have other calender items for him, but most of them require writing.  He doesn't do that well, but I thought the magnets might be easier to get him interested in trying.

I also bought this white board place mat for practice writing numbers and letters.  The other side has cursive letters.

The thrift store was also good to me today.  Mostly.  I didn't find what I actually went in looking for, but I did come away with several learning tools.

All of these thrift store items (I've only showed about half) were just a total of $1 ... for everything, not $1 each.  We have an awesome thrift store.

We also have a facebook page where local people post things for sale (no Craigslist here). Anyway, I snagged this set of 20 Bobbsey Twins books for $10 - making the books 50 cents each. 

Today the five year old had his valentine's party at preschool (they don't go to school on Fridays).  I forgot to take a picture of him making them, so we had to make an extra one to take a picture of.  The originals had the white part printed on the computer.  But they're pretty much the same.  He had fun with the stickers, and now he's stuck on the robots and planets theme.  We'll be hearing about that for awhile!  The actual party at school was too overwhelming for him though and he pretty much shut down.  Poor guy.  He doesn't like candy - almost has a dread of it for some reason, so when the kids were trying to pass out the valentines, he didn't want them and had a complete meltdown.  They had to move his container far away from him so the kids could still deliver their valentines without hurt feelings.  He was pretty happy to hand his out though, and he managed to cope with all the stress by cutting more hearts out (I cut the ones for the valentines).

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