"Lo, Children Are An Heritage of the LORD: and the Fruit of the Womb is His Reward" - Psalm 127:3

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Snow (Yes, More), Sunrise, and a Kitty

 When I got up Sunday morning we had more snow.  I was surprised when I walked past the patio door in the dining room to see how deep the snow is getting on our deck.  This was not all new snow.  We already had quite a bit, but it's been melting and settling and snowing again.  See that it is about as deep as the seat of that chair?!?

Maybe you can see it better on the picnic table.

This gives a better idea just how much we got Sunday.  The sidewalk, bench and bike were all snow-free the night before.

The sunrise this morning was beautiful, and unique from what we normally see.  There was enough cloud cover that we couldn't see the mountains.

 I love fresh snow.  I especially like to see where the animals have been.  This one made me crack up though.  It was like the deer was wandering or something.

 Isn't there a poem that starts out, "There was a crooked man, who walked a crooked mile"?

 This afternoon the clouds lifted and the sun came out and it got downright toasty :)  See the open window?  I left it open all afternoon and it was beautiful.  And it didn't make the heat kick on.  It stayed 71 degrees in the house all afternoon.

 And we were able to see the mountains.  If you look close, you can see the snow being blown on the mountain.  Everywhere it's hazy looking is really blowing snow.

Tonight the light on mountains was a pinkish color.  I love that time of day when the valley is in shadows and the light just glows off the mountains.

Now I bet I had some of you (family especially) worried about the kitty part.  :)  Meet the kitty.  He told me he was a kitty in a bed.  I'm thinking it was more like a kid in a crate.  Good imagination, though.

And the two year old played right along, bringing him kitty treats (pretending to feed him).

Pretty fun game.

Other funnies:
The five year old kissed my cheek, then asked me if he got his "kissing germ" on me.  He's been learning all about germs at preschool.  I guess he figured there was just one for kissing.

Today the five year old's preschool was taking the kids on a trial run on their bus.  They have a field trip Wednesday to a pizza place, where the kids will all get to make their own pizzas.  He's very excited. We've heard nothing else.  So he got up this morning and was asking if was going to ride on the bus today.  I said yes.  Well, he's been in a very set routine with his meals, which is very typical for kids with autism.  Breakfast is always toast and bananas, lunch is always grilled cheese and some other fruit and veggies, and we go to preschool right after lunch.  This morning he asked for grilled cheese for breakfast (I said no).  I soon figured out that he thought that if he ate the grilled cheese, it would be time to leave for preschool. :)

The two year old cracks me up when he prays.  I know. I'm not supposed to laugh at those times.  But still...  Lately something like this: "Dear God, please help me stay in bed. Help me not to cry."  Then I'll prompt him with "Help me to be good" and he'll say, "Help me stay warm." or "Help me get gatorade."  Last night I prompted about a dozen times and every time he refused to pray that he would be good.  HA.  At least he's honest in his praying.  The one that takes the cake though was a month or so back when his brother was having a hard time going to sleep without a fit.  Then, the two year old prayed, "Dear God, Please help T--- to be quiet. Amen."

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