"Lo, Children Are An Heritage of the LORD: and the Fruit of the Womb is His Reward" - Psalm 127:3

Friday, April 11, 2014

Bats!, Haircuts, and Some Interesting Clouds

 Our homeschool group got together today to study bats.  It was really very interesting.  I learned a lot.

The class was well organized too.  There were powerpoint presentations, youtube video segments and several fun activities.  The kids were put into groups and presented with information on one species of bat living in our state, then they had to present their info to the rest of the group.

There were games where the kids pretended to be bats (they were blindfolded) and others pretended to be moths, and they had to use echolocation to find the moths.  The moths went around the room saying "beep, beep, beep."

 Then they were divided into two groups and played Jeopardy with bat facts.

Each team had a runner who, after the team discussed the answer, ran up, grabbed a marker off the chair and held it up. First team to hold up their marker got to answer the question.  This was a highlight of the day.  They also had coloring pages for the younger kids, activity packets (crosswords, worksheets, etc) for the older kids, and they got to make their own flying bat puppets by cutting out a bat shape, attaching it to a piece of cardboard with fishing line.  It was like a bat marionette.  They all had a lot of fun.

 Tonight at sunset the clouds were very impressive.

They had a layered look - like you might see in buttes.  Hard to explain, but such a neat effect.

And they were so tall too.

The moon was out too.  I love when the moon is out at dusk.  It has such an interesting look.  Maybe it's just me, but I never get tired of studying nature.

 As you can see, we've had a lot more melting since the other day.  I love that you can see the reflection of the mountains in the puddles.

I gave the boys haircuts this evening too.  The five year old is very bothered by the noise clippers make (thanks to his autism), so he always insists on having me just use scissors.  His hair always looks like I tried to cut a pattern into it, but within a week he'll look more normal.  He usually has a total meltdown when it's time to wash his head off too, but this time asked for a washcloth and did a great job using it, then actually semi-layed down in the tub on his back to wash his hair.  I didn't touch him - just let him enjoy the success.  I was so proud of him though, and told him so.  He was pretty pleased with himself too and went on and on about how we have to be brave.

The other boys look a little more polished.  The two year old (and ten year old) let me use clippers.  It sure makes a difference in the finished product and in the massive amount of time it saves.

I had to catch the ten year old for a picture while he was working on a writing assignment in the school room.  He does so well with his homework when he has a good attitude (something he's really been working on and trying to improve).  He had a really good day today.  He also has very nice, neat cursive handwriting.  I'll have to post a picture sometime.  He was only working on a first draft here, but the writing was so nice and clear. Nice handwriting is becoming a lost art.  I have even heard that our local public school doesn't even teach cursive anymore.  If that's true, I think it's a shame.