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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

MESA Riding Lessons

 The five year old started his actual horseback riding lessons today.  (MESA is a therapeutic horseback riding program that helps him deal with some of his issues with autism.)

 He went to winter camp a couple weeks ago.  But they didn't get to ride, and they were in a group.  These lessons are one on one and the goal is to get them to ride.

 He climbed up on the steps, but didn't want to get on.  I figured it would take awhile for him to be ready to get on.  But it was a big accomplishment for him to climb the steps and pet Sadie.

One of his helpers climbed on to show him it was safe.  He thought that was pretty funny, but still wouldn't get on.  I don't think he said a single word the whole time we were there.  As soon as we walked out of the arena and headed for the truck, he was talking non-stop.

He actually had a really hard time this morning.  He's not used to going anywhere in the mornings other than to church on Sunday and it was really stressful for him.  He had a total meltdown and screamed and kicked most of the way there.  Thankfully we're a good 25 minute drive away from the arena, so he did settle down and was silent the last five minutes or so out there.  He refused to eat his breakfast though.
So after the riding lesson, we found a spot by the river and he sat outside and ate his breakfast - toast and strawberries.  Being outside is really his best method of calming down.
It was really pretty by the river, and the sound of the water was soothing.

Pretty soon he cheered up.

Then he got up and threw rocks and sticks into the water, and was good to go.  We made a quick stop at a store, then went to the park before dropping him off for preschool.  And he was back to normal.  He'll get into his routine within a couple weeks and it won't be such an ordeal.  But this is the way he always is with new activities.

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