"Lo, Children Are An Heritage of the LORD: and the Fruit of the Womb is His Reward" - Psalm 127:3

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Preschool Easter Egg Hunt

 First of all, aren't these just the cutest treats???

 Twinkie cars with pretzel steering wheels, marshmallow wheels and a peeps bunny driver.  Someone make a bunch of them and gave them to the kids at our five year old's preschool.

It was such a beautiful, warm Spring day today.  Disregard the five year old's winter coat.  It was breakfast time and he was having his food outside (which is quickly becoming an obsession) and he always wears a hood.  It was in the mid 50's at that point.

 The five year old's preschool hosted an early Easter egg hunt at the park today.  Siblings got to come too.  The two year old sure enjoyed being part of the fun.

This was the boys' first Easter egg hunt.  We don't usually do Easter eggs.  We prefer to focus on the Resurrection of Christ as the focus of this holiday, but this year we'll be doing this twice.  Saturday, our church group is having a big shin-dig out at our Pastor's home, which will include a picnic lunch (hope it doesn't snow!).

So this was a warm up practice.

Each of the boys only ended up with nine eggs, and thankfully they didn't care.  There wasn't any animosity or hard feelings at all. They had fun doing it, but they weren't obsessed with it. It helps that neither of them eats the candy in the eggs.  The five year old hates candy with a passion, and the two year old is allergic to it all - so he doesn't get to keep his anyway.  We trade him for the kind he can have, but so far he doesn't know there's anything in them, so we don't make a point of it.  I'd rather they not have sugar anyway.

 At the end of the hunt, the boys counted up their eggs so the preschool could see if they had found all of them.

The five year old had Dad carry the basket, and didn't have much interest in picking up the eggs.  He even tried to stomp on one of them.  He did find a bit of nature though - a broken piece of a pine branch.  He packed that around most of the time.

 After awhile, he just wanted to play, which was fine.  He didn't want to leave the park, and we were one of the last families to go.  The ten year old was at swim lessons, so while he finished that, we grabbed a bit to eat at the Mexican restaurant in town - super nachos, yum!

 Then we went home to watch our daughter via live streaming play a duet with her friend at the college recital.

They did a very nice job.  It was a good concert all around.  I'm so glad they do live streaming for most of their events.

Tonight we had a goodbye party at the local frozen yogurt shop for a man from our church who is moving away.  I had to leave early and head to my evening book club, and our discussion there was very interesting.  I love my two local book clubs. I'm in two online too, but don't participate as much.  I usually read the book, but haven't even bothered to comment lately since there isn't as much back and forth.  Everyone just answers the questions, but don't really discuss things like you can in person.  Our local groups are really small, but we have such great discussions in both of them.  Plus, it's a great "adult conversation" break for me.  I love my boys dearly, but sometimes it's nice to discuss things with people a little closer to my own age.

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