"Lo, Children Are An Heritage of the LORD: and the Fruit of the Womb is His Reward" - Psalm 127:3

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Moose, Pie, and Sadie

 We've had some crazy weather lately, which is pretty typical for a Wyoming Spring.  It's been beautifully warm and calm one minute, then freezing cold with high wind the next minute.  But I can't complain, since we don't have to worry about tornadoes out here.  Thankfully, a snow flurry or two is our only concern.  I love the way the scenery changes with the weather - especially like this when the field was lit with sunlight and the mountains were shaded with clouds and being snowed on.  Breathtaking.

 Our daughter is the queen of scarves, but I think the five year old is trying to give her a run for her money. :)

Each evening we've been out on the deck around dusk (right when the high winds pick up, of course) to watch a couple of moose grazing in the field.  They are so far away that they appear only as specks, but the camera does a pretty decent job bringing them into focus.  The moose are in front of the willows.  There are cows beyond them.  And the moose on the right is kneeling down to eat.

They are fun to watch.

The other day, my husband made the five year old come in from playing outside.  He was very angry, so he drew a picture to express his anger.

"This is Dad being mean."  aka - this is dad, making him come inside - ha.

The ten year old started a 4H cooking class Monday night.  Their first project was to make pie crust.  The pudding filling was a little runny when he brought it home, so he put it in the fridge to set up. I just realized when I loaded the picture onto the blog that we have yet to try the pie. Lol.  Guess we better do that soon!  He was pretty proud of it though :)
Today was Sadie day - time to head back out to MESA for the five year old's riding lesson.  He was pretty excited today because he got to "trail ride" around the ranch, outside of the arena.  See the mountains behind him?  Such a pretty place for a ride.

 He was also excited because he had new cowboy boots.

I don't know if you can see it well in these pictures or not, but what messy eaters these guys are!  See the beak?

And I didn't realize these yellow headed black birds had mask-like markings around their eyes.  Reminds me of Zoro.  Goodness.  That dates me, doesn't it?

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