"Lo, Children Are An Heritage of the LORD: and the Fruit of the Womb is His Reward" - Psalm 127:3

Friday, May 23, 2014

Oh Dear... This is Never Going to Work

I thought it was awfully quiet. The boys fell asleep on the loveseat in our bedroom.  There's just no way this is ever going to last until morning.  :)

 I've been neglecting my blog a bit lately.  I'm in the middle of a HUGE organizing project which involves pretty much every room in the house.  I always get motivated to sort and organize after going to Colorado and seeing my family, and this time I really jumped in with both feet.  I'll show the entire finished project later, but here's a tease.  I moved this cabinet upstairs to the dining room (where we always play games) and filled it with our games and puzzles.

 All the games are in the top section of the cabinet.  I even took the time to make sure all the pieces were there, and cleared out some of the ones that weren't.

Some of the sorting took longer than others.  Scrabble was by far the worst, because I had to make sure I had the right amount of each letter.  I actually had three boards, 12 tile holders, and a whole lot of letters - more than I needed for one game, but not enough for two. I wasn't sure if they were mixed together, so I had to go about it the hard way.

 All the adult sized puzzles are in the bottom half of the cabinet.  I have a puzzle table upstairs, so it just makes sense to have the puzzles stored there too.  The new rule is that once I've done a puzzle, it's outta here.  I'll pass it on to someone else.  Another rule is that any new item has to fit into the cabinet, so I will have to decide if we really want the new one that bad, or if we can get rid of an old one we don't use as much.  The kids puzzles are still downstairs, and I've sorted them all and counted all those pieces as well, but you'll have to wait for the reveal on that project.

 This past week was rodeo week at preschool for the five year old.  They made these adorable stick horses.

 He named his Sadie, after the horse he rides in his therapeutic horseback riding sessions.

 The head is a man's sock - the kind that have grey on the bottom - but they are turned so that the grey is on the top.  They hot glued buttons on for eyes, clothespins for ears, and yarn for a mane and tail. They are really cute.

 The riding lesson this past Tuesday was the final Spring lesson.  They have a few weeks off before starting summer riding lessons.  They did a treasure hunt, where they had a clue, then had to perform a task on the horse - weave through cones, cross a bridge, etc, to get the next cone. At the end, they were given a certificate of achievement, and a stuffed horse.  Of course he named the horse Sadie.

 He had a picnic with her, and fed her crumbs and poured a little water out on the table for her.  I was especially glad he was having a picnic that day!

 We had a beautiful sunset and rainbow tonight.

 It was one of the widest ones I've seen.

 The hills were lit up in the background too.  I love that mix of shadow and sun.  It's just stunning.  Pictures don't even come close to how beautiful it is in person.

 Dinner tonight was spaghetti, and I tried out a new gadget I picked up when I was in Colorado.  I think it's called a Vegetti or something like that.  It cuts zucchini into spaghetti style strips.  It really cooks down though, so if you do this, make a LOT more than you think you will need.  I had intended to skip the pasta all together, but there wasn't enough for everyone to try some and for the two year old and I both to just have the zucchini noodles (he's allergic to pasta, so I couldn't cheat him out of his share).

I didn't think to take pictures while I was cutting it, but the gadget worked very well - it was easy to use, and did just what I expected it to.  I'll definitely use it every time I make spaghetti. I don't really care for pasta anymore anyway. I was on a no-carb diet awhile back, and haven't cared for pasta much since then.

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