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Sunday, April 24, 2011

I LOVE Books and Fabric :)

Don't you love that title? You never would have guessed, right? Let me explain...

Saturday was a fun day. We started the day with a "Bookfest and Feast" - which was a fundraiser for a group called "Raising Readers." They are a nonprofit group that provides free books to kids at regular doctor checkups. We have received several books from them in the past, so thought it was a very worthy charity to support.

Plus, they had fun things like a great breakfast, free books, bookmarks, and information, and door prizes and can you guess? Face painting.

We won a door prize - the "Puppies, Puppies, Everywhere" book. That was written by a lady who lives in our county and is full of pictures of puppies, which our two year old absolutely adores. (He thinks he is a puppy - and does a very good interpretation of one.) The other three books were freebies. One for each kid - including the one we're expecting. They were very generous :)

They also had a raffle. Our 18 year old daughter volunteered to help with the fund raiser, and was in charge of selling raffle tickets. They had probably close to 30 different gifts you could enter to win - things that had been donated by local businesses. There were three things I really wanted to win, so most of our tickets went into those bags. Two of them were big baskets full of books, and the third was a fly fishing raft trip. Now that would have been fun. Too bad. Didn't win that one.

But I did win one of the baskets of books!!! I am still excited about that. We got them home and I took our daughter shopping in another town, so I was gone all afternoon. My husband stayed with the boys, and when I returned, the 7 year old had read every single book. All 15 of them.

Here's a better look at what was in the basket. The book at the top is pretty cool. The fold out part to the right is a flannel board, and the pieces are in the plastic compartment below the pages of the book (on the left side) so you can put out the pieces for the nursery rhymes.

I tried to lay them all out so you could see them - and the nice basket they came in. It was a really nice assortment of books - some board books for little guys and some longer ones - hardbacks with dust covers.

Then we also won an alignment for our vehicle at one of the local mechanic shops. Either of the prizes alone is worth more than we paid for breakfast and the raffle tickets. Just the other day I was feeling sorry for myself about never winning any of the giveaways on blogs, but I guess locally I do fairly well - especially considering we won a $50 gift certificate to a nice steakhouse on a lake during the fishing derby a couple months ago :)

Now on to my other favorite topic ... fabric. I think the UPS guy probably knows me by name now - or at least our house. He's been here an awful lot lately :) My latest order from Fabric.com just arrived. This first piece is from a line called Dilly Dally, and is for my sister's baby. I need to get some coordinating fabric and didn't really love anything in the line, so I wanted to get it here in time to take it with me to the shop hop, so I could choose something to go with it.

So while I was ordering, I wanted to get enough fabric to get the free shipping ;) so I ordered a few more reds and turquoises. Most of these (I think all except for the red with white stars) are from the Sugar and Spice line, which I have been shamefully coveting since I first saw them. So now I can get back to my hexagons. I haven't had time to iron it and cut it yet though. So that will be on the list for this week.

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