"Lo, Children Are An Heritage of the LORD: and the Fruit of the Womb is His Reward" - Psalm 127:3

Friday, April 1, 2011

Too Late Now

We went out to see what condition the land is in. We've missed our opportunity to get the house in before Spring really sets in. See the lake? The open water? That's where the foundation is - under at least 6 inches of water.

I didn't walk out in it to see for sure how deep it is. The ground out there is clay and I would have been up to my ankles - or more - in goopy, gloppy mud. Can't tell you how frustrated we are with the constant delays we've had to endure with this mover. I'm going to put some boots on and go out there tonight to see if I can get a better photo. What a mess.

So plan B is to find some place where we can park it out here while we wait for the ground to thaw. We aren't about to tell the mover to delay any more than he already has. We're going to have someone else place it and set it up. This guy wanted another $3500 for the setup - blocking it up and all - and they won't do the trim on the inside, so we would have to hire someone else to do that anyway. He wouldn't even have to do any of the plumbing or electrical hookups either. So we think it will be best to just get it out here and let someone else finish it off. That way we can get the water lines plumbed in before placing it too. This mover is already whining about gas prices increasing. But that's his own fault, so we don't feel a bit sorry for him. We made him confirm that he will stick with his original contract price for the move itself. I'm not paying extra just because he won't get himself in gear and do the job. He has now unintentionally acknowledged that they have done six other moves while our house has been supposedly going to be moved next. So we just want to be done with this guy and don't want to pay him another dime over what we agreed on.

On to happier topics. Well, not so happy for the two year old. He got up this morning, found this container, and said, "Berry, gone!" I bought these Wednesday night and when I came home with them, he was so excited. "Straw-bee!! Please, Please!! Eat it!" So of course I had to let him have some. I wasn't sure he'd be very happy with them, because they really needed to ripen another day or two. But he loves his strawberries.

Definitely going to have to get some more strawberries.

Oh, and I think we need to have a lesson on horse and jockey - specifically, who needs the helmet...

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