"Lo, Children Are An Heritage of the LORD: and the Fruit of the Womb is His Reward" - Psalm 127:3

Sunday, February 12, 2012

How the Rest of Saturday Went

 I showed you the three year old's  lunch.  Here's what I had. How's that for a tomato?  It was bigger than my bread!  I made a BLT for myself.  Our daughter has been working up at the Bible camp and didn't get home until late this afternoon.  (We get all our fruits and vegetables from a co-op called BountifulBaskets.org and it's wonderful.  We always get good stuff and it is very inexpensive.  We've changed our eating habits since we started getting those baskets about a year ago - the kids all love most of what we get.  It's fun to try new things too!  They have sites all across the US, so you ought to see if it's available near you.  I highly recommend it!)

My husband took the seven year old out to lunch and then over to his parent's house to put together a cabinet for them.  We watched Courageous the other night, and it encourages men to be the head of their family adn more involved in their children's lives, which he is trying to do.  If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend the movie.  While they were busy with that, I took the little ones to the grocery store and the thrift store.  I managed to find two pair of ice skates (one pair of hockey skates and one pair of figure skates) for the seven year old.  He's been going skating every week with the homeschool group but had outgrown his skates from last year.  Things are so cheap at the thrift store that I was able to get the next two sizes of skates so we don't have to pay the rental fee anymore!  I just cut my weekly ice-skating fees in half :)

 Here's the project that took up the rest of my day.  This is what our bedroom used to look like.  Definitely crowded...

 ...especially on my side of the bed.

 And here's what it looks like  now.  We moved the big black bookshelf out, turned the bed sideways and moved my indoor sewing machine into the bedroom.  It has been living in the dining room.  That was good in the sense that I could use it when the daycare kids were napping, but bad in the sense that the kids could get into it.  Plus it was always a little messy around there.  (I'm sure you can understand.)  The recliner is a new one too.  We bought that with part of my husband's Christmas bonus from work because I was doing so much sleeping in the recliner when I fed the baby at night, and the other one didn't have a high enough back or enough back and leg support.

 Now I have room to get to my side of the bed, and this also uncovered a vent, which was what actually prompted this change to begin with.  I've been freezing at night, and figured if I was cold, then the baby probably was too.  I've been dressing him warmly, but still, when you sleep, your body slows down and you're just naturally colder.

 Of course this change is great for me, but not so good for my husband.  He has a mere 15 inches of walkway between him and his dresser.  It's a tight squeeze, but he thinks it will be fine.

 I had him throw together this shelf for me too.  I say throw together because the braces are actually plant hangers, and the top is an 8 inch wide board that was left over from another project.  The braces are 10 inches wide.  We plan to get a different board when we get the chance, but for now I needed somewhere to put diapering supplies.  The bonus to it being a plant hanger is that I could easily hang a couple of toys from it too.  There wasn't room by the wall for the mobile we had attached to the bed, so I put a hook in the ceiling and hung a rocket mobile with ribbon.

 The crib is smashed tightly up against my side of the bed, and I knew the baby would be distracted being able to see me so I put a blanket over the edge of the crib to hide myself from him.

There's another blanket on the front side - so we can walk around in the room without disturbing him. I'm going to make some tab curtain type of blockers that will only hang on the outside of the crib, and attach to the top with velcro ... eventually.  For now the blankets will have to work.

When I'm not using it, the sewing machine is covered with it's hard plastic cover.  The machine sits down in the table, flush with the tabletop, so the cover isn't on tight, but I'm confident no child could move it from inside the crib.  The table has a section that will fold closed if the machine is removed, but then I don't get much sewing done because it's a pain to open it and set everything up only to have to close it again (which is what I've had to do with it in the dining room, to keep the daycare kids out of it). Under the folded out section I have my works in progress, and the black lamp is an Ottlite I got for Christmas a year ago.  I would like to get either a shelf, or preferably a hanging cabinet to put above the machine to hold sewing supplies up and out of reach too, so I'll have to look for something like that.  I will have to do all my cutting in the other room (I like to use the kitchen bar for that), and larger ironing will have to be done out there, which is inconvenient.  But I have a small ironing board without legs that will fit fairly well on the little table next to the recliner for pressing quilt blocks.

So, I'm sore and tired, and still have to finish putting a bunch of stuff on the black shelf we moved out of this room.  I'll have to show you that project when I get it all done.  I'm excited about that too, because it doubles my storage for homeschool books and preschool supplies.  More on that when it gets finished (which will need to be done tomorrow, before I'm back to daycare duties Monday morning.  For now though I'm really happy with the sewing space and can't wait to put it to use (you know, after I get everything else done...)  It's been a good day.

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