"Lo, Children Are An Heritage of the LORD: and the Fruit of the Womb is His Reward" - Psalm 127:3

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Seven Months

 Well, the little man is seven months old now.

 Isn't this just the sweetest thing a Mama can wake up to?  He didn't even wake up with the flash.
  He's doing much better than he was a couple of months ago.  Doesn't he look chubby here?

 He gained 11 ounces this month.  That's excellent considering we've been worried about him not gaining weight for a couple of months now. 

 He had a doctor's visit today (well, technically yesterday as it's nearly 1 am now.  The appointment was on the first).

 He weighs 13 pounds, 3 ounces now.  He started out at 9 pounds 11 ounces seven months ago, so we're not exactly packing on the pounds.  But we're on the right track now.

 The doctor was pleased with his progress - both in what he can do now, and his skin condition and the fact that he's gaining weight.

 The doctor encouraged us to keep pushing the solid foods and to keep up what we've been doing, which for me means no eggs, dairy or nuts for as long as I nurse.  He doesn't keep formula of any kind down, so nursing is the only option for now (not that I'd have it any other way).  He still has some itchiness and a bit of a rash - especially on his scalp and back.  The doctor said he is very happy with the improvement, but that if I wanted to, I could cut wheat from my diet as well.  I've decided to try to at least limit my intake of wheat, but I probably won't do away with it entirely.  We'll see.
My friend Mater went with us today.  The doctor's office is in Jackson Hole, and there's always fun stuff to do.  We ate lunch at Billy's - home of the giant burgers.  They have an old fashioned horseshoe shaped counter with bar stools and you can watch the one cook manage to handle everyone's orders.  He ate all of his, and most of the waffle fries too.  Then we wandered through the art gallery next door.  This child is an excellent artist - and that's not just a mother's opinion.  He was so impressed with all the art, especially the bronze sculptures.  I've got to get some clay now.  He paid very close attention to the way the sculptures were created with little bits of clay pressed and molded with the fingers into place.  Now he wants to do it.  He came home and told his Dad he was going to do that, "and then I can sell my statue for $10,000!"  Dream big, I say!!

On the line of funny sayings, he's been full of them lately.  Tonight I mentioned to him that his oldest brother was going to be majoring in nursing (he's 21, in the Air Force and going to college).  The 7 year old said, "WHAT!?  Why would he want to be NURSING a baby?!?"  He was also confused about family relations and wanted to know what made someone your cousin. I explained to him that my sister is his aunt and her husband is his uncle, which makes their baby (who is the same age as our baby) his cousin.  He said, "Oh, I thought she was (our baby's) cousin."  He didn't realize that all the brothers and sisters would have the same cousins. :)  Kids are fun.  All ages!

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