"Lo, Children Are An Heritage of the LORD: and the Fruit of the Womb is His Reward" - Psalm 127:3

Monday, February 13, 2012

A Short Night

Last night was a very short night.  I crawled into bed shortly after midnight, which is normal for me, following a late night nursing session and getting all those last minute things done that can only be done after all the kids are in bed.  It seems like I get them all done, and then think up "just one more" thing I need to do before bed, and before you know it, it's tomorrow before I even get to sleep.  

Anyway, this is pretty typical for me.  But last night, I had just drifted off when I heard the baby spitting up.  I knew it was a lot.  I turned on a soft light and found that the poor thing had thrown up everything he had eaten.  So at 1 am, I was bathing a baby, changing bedding, running a load of laundry, and sanitizing everything in sight.  The baby didn't seem to mind.  He was all smiles.  It didn't seem to bother him even when he was dry heaving.  He'd get sick, then grin the biggest grin.  He seemed to think it was quite an accomplishment to have both Mom and Dad get up with him in the middle of the night.  Anyway, not to be gross or anything, but he was still trying to get sick even after his bath, and I was worried he might choke if I laid him down in bed and fell asleep.  So I sat up with him, holding him until after 3 am, until I was pretty sure he was sound asleep and didn't seem to be getting sick anymore.  He woke again at 6 wanting to nurse.  I fed him then tried to go back to sleep.  I had to be up by 7 to get ready for the daycare, so there wasn't much sleeping involved. I hoped to go back to sleep for a bit this morning after the daycare kids arrived, and before my daughter headed off to her first day of her new job, leaving her to watch the kids until 10 or so.  (This is her first real job, so she was pretty happy to go.)  Would you believe I couldn't sleep?  Not even for five minutes!!  I was actually surprised how well I was able to get through the day without being too tired. 

 So here it is, nearly 11 pm, and I'm still working on a few of those "one last things" before I head to bed "early."  HA.  Anyway, I did manage to get those bibs turned right side out.  Half of them are pinned closed where I turned them and ready to be top-stitched.  Three of them are top stitched.  I was amazed at how peaceful it was for me to be able to sew in the bedroom with the door shut.  Nobody interrupting, no noise.  It was nice.  (Of course the kids were in bed too, which was nice.)  Anyway, can you believe it can take anyone so long to make bibs?  Ugh.  It's very frustrating.  It seems like I ought to be able to whip these out in an afternoon.  And I could, if there were nothing else to do.  But there is...  Anyway, I guess there is some consolation in the fact that there are 27 of them.  I've been wanting to start one of those other quilts - either the Lil' Twister or the Kaleidoscope quilt I'm making from another set of fat quarters I won last year.  That quilt is going to be for my daughter, and I want to have it done for her to take to college this fall, so I think I probably ought to work on that one first...  We'll see.  I told myself I wouldn't start anything else until these bibs are done.  As for today, I'm just happy I managed to get anything done.

The baby seems better tonight.  He hasn't been sick again since 8 am, and he managed to hold down all his feedings, including some applesauce tonight.  All he did all day was nurse every once in awhile, and lay in his crib.  He didn't really sleep much, but didn't want to be up and around.  Hopefully he's beyond the bellyache.  He was in a good mood tonight and very vocal about having some real food at the dinner table.  I'm hoping he's in the mood to sleep tonight.  I sure could use it! Wish me luck.  Goodnight ~

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