"Lo, Children Are An Heritage of the LORD: and the Fruit of the Womb is His Reward" - Psalm 127:3

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

 You know this can't end well, right?

 It actually didn't look too bad...

... until he got to the end of the hill. He "practiced" this trick all afternoon Monday.  We had a great President's Day.  It was just me and my three youngest.  My husband and daughter worked and I didn't have any daycare kids, so it was very quiet around here.  It was nice to enjoy just my own children for a change.

 Speaking of enjoying my children, someone has figured out that when Mom's holding the camera he gets more attention when he's hamming it up.

 And the three year old comes running so he can be in the picture too.  I won't be surprised if the three year old becomes a photographer.  He already knows how to use the camera and how to view pictures of himself on it. :)

 See him sitting up on his own here?  He's still not terribly stable, and prefers to have something to hang onto, but he's getting it figured out.  It takes awhile to figure these things out when all you want to do is have Mom hold you.

 I can't believe how much he looks like his Papa (my husband's Dad).

 I decided to get my hexagons out and play with them today.  I'm trying to decide on a layout, and I'm having a rough time figuring out what to do.  I tried a few different patterns.  Any thoughts on which one I ought to use?  The first one, I'm afraid, will end up looking like a giant target.  Looking at it here though, I wonder if instead of using concentric circles, if I made it a giant swirl, with the colors getting wider as it went out, if that would be an interesting effect?

 This one is more random looking, but consists of three blue - two red - three blue, etc.

 This one just has no reds touching - sort of the same pattern idea as the second one, but without the reds together.

 Then I thought maybe I should make a path that meanders through the quilt (the blue would be the path).

Or maybe just waves of color coming in from each side, or sort of a zebra stripe pattern in blue and red.  Right now I'm leaning toward the second or third layout, but I'm really not sure.  I originally wanted it to look random, but I can never really do a random pattern... it's always planned random, which by definition isn't really random at all, is it?  I've also thought about getting more fabrics that read as whites -  like the one in the mix there that is white with tiny red dots - and then doing something like blocks of diamonds in blue and in red, separated by lines of white.  It would look sort of like an argyle pattern (or at least it does in my head).  But that would require quite a bit more fabric, and I'm noticing that a lot of the fabrics I thought would read as white look more like reds in the photo.  So I'm really not sure what I'll do.  I'm going to have to think about it.  Let me know what you think.

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