"Lo, Children Are An Heritage of the LORD: and the Fruit of the Womb is His Reward" - Psalm 127:3

Monday, April 2, 2012

9 Months

 Yesterday the little man turned 9 months old.  It was quite a trick to get a picture of him and the sign.  He thought it was for him to chew on or to wave like a flag :)
 This month brought big changes.  We're switching from infant to toddler.  He's still not very mobile - other than twirling around while on his back.  He hates being on his stomach, so I doubt he will crawl anytime soon - if ever.
 He switched from nursing to formula, and eats lots of regular foods, and not the super-soft pureed stuff.  Last night he ate pieces of a pear.  He loves butternut and acorn squash, and sweet potatoes are his favorite thing.  He likes applesauce, and tolerates bananas but doesn't care for avocados or peas.  I would like to give him crackers but he is allergic to eggs, dairy, nuts, and wheat.  We hadn't worried about the wheat when I was nursing because it was such a low reaction, but since we've switched to formula, I've noticed a huge decrease in spitting up, so wheat must have been bothering him more than we thought.
 He's a happy-go-lucky kid :)  He's pretty quiet, and when he does cry, he tends to shut his mouth, so it's not terribly loud.  And there's always a good reason for it.  He goes to bed easily just by laying him in his crib and putting a blanket on him.  He'll put his fingers in his mouth immediately and go right to sleep.  He's definitely the easiest baby I've had.
 He figured out how to pull his socks off his feet the other night.  He does it whenever he's in the Bumbo - which is where I feed him.  He's pretty proud of himself for that one.
He sits up really well by himself, but still needs someone nearby because he is easily distracted and will swing his head around to see stuff, which makes him tip over.  He's such a joy!  I'm so glad we have the privilege of being his parents! :)

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