"Lo, Children Are An Heritage of the LORD: and the Fruit of the Womb is His Reward" - Psalm 127:3

Monday, April 23, 2012

A Couple of Perfect Days

 The last couple of days have been really good - nice and relaxing.
 Sunday afternoon we grabbed some convenience store food - yum, right? - corn dogs, onion rings, chicken strips and such and headed out to go fishing.
 The three year old was more interested in watching the rancher feed his cows than eating his corn dog.
 That, and throwing rocks.  There was a little headgate for the irrigation canal so he could throw rocks without disturbing the main channel where the fish were.
 It was a little scary though - you can't tell in the picture, but this is about a 10 foot drop.
 The boys were anxious to fish.  I haven't bought my fishing license yet since I didn't fish the ice fishing derby this year, so I was just the helper ... the one feeding the baby, untangling lines, and keeping the three year old from taking a nose-dive into the river.
 The eight year old does pretty well fishing on his own.  You just have to watch out for his cast.

 I strapped the baby into the stroller so my hands would be free to do all the other things I needed to do.  He was pretty content there.  He loves to be outdoors.
 The three year old is pretty independent about his fishing... or at least he wants to be.  We set him up with a bobber and some powerbait, but all he wanted to do was reel it in.
 Then he would get very upset and throw a fit when anyone took the pole to cast it back out for him.  He kept yelling, "It's not your fishing pole!"  Eventually he threw such a fit that he had to go have a time-out in the truck.
 Despite the drama, this is the one that's going to be our fisherman.  He's very serious about it and always asks to go fishing.
 The big catch of the day was this whopper my husband snagged.  They had lots of bites, but this was the only one they pulled in.
 The sunset was beautiful.  The camera never does it justice.  I kept snapping pictures as it changed, but it was so much better in person ... and peaceful!
 This is probably my favorite picture from the day.  Thomas Kincaid has a series of paintings called "End of the Perfect Day" - and that was all I could think about as we sat out there by the river.  It hasn't been warm enough yet for the mosquitoes to come out, so it was very pleasant.
Today was also a nice, relaxing day.  My daughter kept the daycare while my husband and I went to Jackson Hole for eye appointments.  We took the opportunity to have a nice, quiet lunch, then walk around the square visiting several art galleries before stopping for some organic ice cream.  I somehow managed to make it through the whole day without taking a single picture.  But most of the time we were in galleries where they don't allow pictures, so I guess you'll have to take my word for it on how the day went. 

We did the little bit of shopping we needed to do, then headed home.  My daughter grilled steaks for us this evening, and then we all walked to the park and around town a bit.  It was windy and we got rained on for a little bit, but it was so relaxing and refreshing I didn't mind at all.  The weather is so unseasonably warm - 80 degrees in town today.  That may not seem noteworthy, but we don't have very many days over 80 degrees all summer, and certainly not before July.  The storm that rained on us brought snow to the mountains next to our town - within a 10 minute drive.  That's how crazy the weather is here.  I've heard we're supposed to get snow Friday in town, and then be in the low 20's next week.  Yeah Spring. 

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