"Lo, Children Are An Heritage of the LORD: and the Fruit of the Womb is His Reward" - Psalm 127:3

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Brothers & Such

 I love that my boys love each other.  No sibling issues here (though the eight year old does get a little tired of his 19 year old sister telling him what to do.  He's looking forward to her leaving for college :)

 The baby is getting so good at sitting up now.  He can even roll around the floor, then sit himself up.  He doesn't crawl yet, but gets up on his toes and hands all the time - in a plank position - for long periods of time.  I think he doesn't like being on his knees.

 He was playing with motorcycles the other day, so the eight year old read him a book about a BMX bike race.  Now the eight year old thinks he wants a BMX bike.

   It's that time of year again - time for the library's summer reading program.  We are supposed to record how much time is spent reading, with the library having a goal of each child reading at least 100 minutes per week.  Well, when we started actually adding up how many minutes the eight year old spends reading, we were amazed - at least 3-4 hours per day!  I knew he read a lot, but wouldn't have guessed 4 hours!  Yeah!!  He does that all the time too.  He hasn't changed his reading habits just for the summer reading program.

 As for the quilt, remember the issue I was having with the circles?  We were trying to decide whether to use the larger prints (on the left) or the smaller solids (on the right).  So I cut out a smaller one to show my daughter, and after work we decided to go with the larger prints.  So that's the project of the day.  That, and going to the fabric shop ;) to see what they have for a border print.  I wasn't planning on putting a border on it, but I'm going to have it long-arm quilted and they told me it needs a border since there are raw bias cuts on the outside edges.  Hmm... I wonder if I could just put a border on for the purpose of securing it to the quilting machine frame, but not have them quilt it, and then remove it when I'm ready to bind it.... Gonna have to ask them about that.

 And the post wouldn't be complete without a shot of the class clown.  The eight year old has been catching bugs and butterflies and sketching them, but the three year old thinks this is a fishing net.  He'll grab a rubber shark and come tell me in his silly deep voice "I caught a big fish."  Looks like he caught a clownfish here :)

 Ready to go fishing???

He's been doing a little better since the other day when he had a stomach bug.  Now he has his brother's cold.  This was naptime at the daycare Friday.  The only way I could get him to nap was to lay on me.  At least he rested though, and I was "forced" :) to sit and read my book rather than clean the kitchen or some other boring but productive task.  Thankfully it was one of those rare days where all the kids were napping at the same time.  (Sometimes the youngest three are off schedule from the older ones.)  So yesterday I spent the day getting coughed on and sneezed on, and now I have the cold too.  Lol.  Guess I won't be getting those two root canals on Monday after all.  Too bad ;)

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