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Friday, June 1, 2012

Lots of New Tricks & More Family Get Together Photos

 The baby has been learning all sorts of new tricks.  He's feeding himself with his fingers now.  Just a couple days ago he would pick stuff up but not put it into his mouth (well, at least that's what he did with food.)  Now he can make a total mess all on his own - ha.  He has also figured out how to hold his own bottle.  He was refusing to even attempt to before.  Then one day I sat the bottle down on his tray and he picked it up to drink.  He wasn't getting anything out of it because he hadn't tipped it up, so I reached over to show him how to tip it up.  He immediately let go of the bottle and put both hands behind his head ... the pose he assumes when I hold him and feed him.  LOL.  So I sat him on the floor and handed the bottle back to him, and he figured it out :)
 Then there's this fancy trick.  He is up on his toes and hands - he does "plank" a lot, but this is more like a crawl without using knees.  He hasn't figured out how to move like this yet, but we're close.  He also gets up on his knees occasionally.

 He's mastered rolling and spinning around, so he can get pretty much anywhere.  He still gets frustrated because he ends up going backwards most of the time, but he's getting around much better now.

 He found the bookshelf the other day.  This is what I call raising readers - my kids love books, and it starts at a young age :)

 He wore himself out.  He had been so active, crawling around on the floor, then in an instant I looked over to see him like this. :)

(This part will only make sense to you if you know how to play pinochle :)

One of the games we played with Grandpa (which we always play when he comes) is pinochle - always double deck.  This time we were playing pass three cards - (the winning bidder and their partner get to pass three cards back and forth.)  This was my hand in one of the rounds.  Now which suit to call as trump?  If I called hearts, and my partner had the other ace, we would have 100 points meld.  If I called spades, I had a chance at a double run, worth 150 points.  If I called clubs, I had a chance at double aces around, which is worth 100, plus I was already holding all four jacks, worth 40 points.  I ended up calling clubs because I figured it was more likely he would have the ace of clubs, and I passed him my king and queen of spades and the jack of diamonds, which, combined with what he had, gave us a double pinochle (30 points).  He also happened to be holding a double marriage in clubs, which was another 30 points.  We ended up melding over 200 points!

 While we were playing cards, my daughter was messing around with the camera.

 I won't show you the picture she took of me.

 We had a big fish fry too - with my new favorite recipe of hushpuppies (which is all the three year old ate - but he had more of them than any of the rest of us.  These were the fish we have been catching in the last week or so.  I had frozen them and planned to serve them when everyone was here but forgot to get them out before my sister's family left.  (I'm sure she didn't mind though since she's not a big fan of fish :)  We sure enjoyed it though, and then followed it up with the traditional dessert we have when Grandpa is here - rootbeer floats!

 Thursday morning was Grandpa's last day in town, so my daughter and the three year old woke up early (sort-of) to go to breakfast with them.  The eight year old was already there.  He spent the last two nights with Grandpa at the hotel.

 Grandpa wanted to get a picture of the three year old in his cowboy hat, but he wasn't cooperating so we had to trick him.  He was pretty upset when Grandpa went to leave.  He ran to the door and blocked it, then begged Grandpa to stay.  After Grandpa left he thought he was going somewhere, so I had my daughter take him for a little drive.  Then he was fine.

 These next few pictures are ones I had forgotten I had - taken with a phone camera so I didn't have them in the same folder.  The picture above is our baby taking a bath in the hotel sink after swimming.  It was just the perfect size - he couldn't tip over, and it was shoulder deep and the faucet detached with a sprayer hose on the end for a little baby shower.  What a great thing to have for bathing babies!  This was in a bar area near the door, so he took his little bath while my sister bathed his little cousin in the tub.

 We took Grandpa out fishing, hoping he could catch some whoppers like we've been doing lately.  But the water was higher, and the rocks more dangerous, and it was hard to fish without losing a lure.  No fish, but we had a nice evening at the lake.

 It was about dark by the time we left, so we had the baby dressed warm.  Like his new hat?  Got that at a garage sale.

 I forgot to take a blanket along for him to sit on, so I put my extra coat down for him.  Now I need to wash it though, because he spit up on it.  lol.

 See how high the water is?  Those rocks they're standing on are the ones we were able to walk out to a week or so ago.  My husband and eight year old walked out on that log to get to the rocks.  My husband slipped once and stepped off into the water, but the eight year old made it all the way out and back without getting wet.  It looks more dangerous than it was.  The water under the log is just a foot or two deep.

 My three year old sure enjoyed playing with his uncle.  He's still talking about him.

 My little niece was trying to figure out the mirror in the hotel. The whole closet door is a mirror, so she could really get a good look at herself.

 We joined them at the hotel for an early breakfast before church Sunday. 

 The eight year old convinced his uncle to go to the park with him.  He got some great pictures from his phone.

Looks much more dangerous from this angle!

 I think my brother in law ought to consider a career in photography - he has a great eye for getting cool shots.

 Oh yeah, and a great youthful attitude.  Maybe daycare is the job for him lol.  Those are his legs.  He was riding the fire truck while my son drove. :)

Then when they got home, the eight year old snookered his uncle into playing Tetris Link.  It was a great weekend!

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