"Lo, Children Are An Heritage of the LORD: and the Fruit of the Womb is His Reward" - Psalm 127:3

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Quilt Progress

 Well, I finally got a little time to sit down at the sewing machine and start on my daughter's quilt, which I'm hoping to take to the quilters in about two weeks (and I have an out of town trip in between now and then too).  So I'm trying to get it done fairly quickly.  My husband took all the boys to the park this afternoon, so I had some nice quiet time to focus on sewing.  Sound easy enough, but you'd be amazed at all the things I think of that I needed to do "when it's quiet."  I finally had to just make myself sit and focus on the sewing.  I'm glad I did :)

 It was going pretty well until I noticed this.  Major thread mess-up.  My machine does this once in awhile.  The top thread slips off the first post it's supposed to go around, which causes these loops on the bottom.

Problem is that it doesn't change the sound or feel of the sewing, so I don't notice it until I have a whole pile of pieces I have to undo.  Good news is that thread this loose will pull out by hand if you get ahold of the right thread first.  Anyway, I got them all separated and re-sewn without too much trouble.  I managed to sew all the green pieces I had cut (I refigured my math and found out I need over 100 more green pieces.  I had figured right the first time, but was too distracted when I did my cutting and thought I had twice as many as I really had.  Oh well.  I'll try to cut them in the morning before the daycare kids arrive.  Then I can work on pinning them throughout the day and maybe sew those together tomorrow night.  Let's hope.  I'm running out of time!

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