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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Idaho Falls

 Howdy!  I only had to take about 10 pictures before I caught his hand up in the air - he was waving so fast :)  This weekend we took our 6 month trip to Idaho Falls for doctor's visits.

 Before we headed out though, some boys needed haircuts.  I didn't give the baby a haircut, but I need to.  I want to catch him sometime when he's sleepy and drifting off on my lap - then I can trim without worrying about him turning his head.  The other two (and my husband all had cuts though, then baths. 

 After we showered all the hair off, the three year old wanted to play in the tub.  We let the baby in with him.  It was the first time the baby has been in the big tub.  He thought that was pretty fun - especially with someone to play with and all the new toys.

 The eight year old was checking out his new haircut.  I usually just cut it all short, but this time we left it a little longer on top.

 Early Sunday morning we headed for Idaho Falls.  The plan was to get there in time to go to Craters of the Moon national park and walk through the volcano field.  But it rained on us most of the way over there, and when we got there it was cold and extremely windy.  So instead, we checked into the hotel, ordered a pizza, and watched the NASCAR race.  We tried to get the little boys to take a nap, but they weren't having anything to do with it.  See the pack and play?  I draped blankets all around it so he couldn't see us, but one tiny corner slipped, and guess where he put his little face???  He turned himself around to the hole, pressed his face against the netting and complained and hollered at us.

So after the race, we loaded the boys up and went shopping for a bit, had some dinner, and came back for a swim.  Actually by the time the race was over, it was warm enough we could have hiked, but it was close to 3:30, and we did need to do the shopping, so we cut our loses and headed to the stores.
 The boys were all excited to swim.

 The water at this hotel was much warmer than last time we swam, but there wasn't a nice shallow area like the other one had. 

The three year old only had a very small curved step in the corner to sit on.  But he got right in and played there.  Then he discovered the hot tub - which wasn't too hot - and had a bench all the way around, so he could play on that.

 Monday was the day for the doctor's visits.  We always have to get up early and try to get everyone all packed up and on the road in time for the 8 am appointment.  The eight year old has to be fasting, so we go to breakfast in shifts, and pack while the other one eats. 

 The three year old was not very awake.  He found a little bar under the chair to sit on and stayed there quite awhile.

 The baby was in a cheery mood.  See the missing sock?  I bought these socks the night before because 1. his socks are getting too small and 2. he is always taking them off.  A lot of good it did to buy ones in hopes of them staying on longer.  He must have hot feet like his Mama.  I can't stand wearing socks either.

  While the eight year old had his appointment, my husband also saw the same doctor (the eight year old is usually there until noon, due to the tests they have to do for his trial study.)  They set up a DVD for the boys (Charlotte's Web this time), and while they were busy with that, I walked up the street to get a couple - yes, I said couple - of root canals done.  I hadn't been to that office before, and WOW.  The receptionist said, "Let me start by giving you the tour..." 

This is just a small part of their waiting room - very luxurious.  They gave me a gift bag of goodies and I had a massage chair in the first room (where they do the evaluation) and tv's are hung on the ceiling so you can watch them with headphones on while they do the work.

Anyway, I was glad to be done with the work.  They were pretty quick, but I was still sore for a couple days (as you would expect).  The guys all went to lunch while I was finishing up, then they picked me up and we did a little more shopping before heading to a local park for the boys to burn off a little energy before the drive home.  I love that they enjoy playing together.

 Dad went for a walk with the three year old.  He was chasing birds, and getting kind of far away from us so Dad figured he ought to chase the bird-chaser.

 After that he did a little swinging with the eight year old.  I used to be obsessed with swinging when I was a kid.  Now it makes me nauseous, so I just take pictures :)

 They didn't have any baby swings, so Dad had to be the baby swing. :)

 The eight year old is all about the dismounts.

 And our terrified three year old is getting braver.  He played several times at the top of the spiral slide (he told me he was driving a truck ... great imagination.)  When it was time to leave, he wouldn't come down, so the eight year old went up and slid down with him, which he didn't even mind.

 The three year old was in explorer mode all day.

 Here's kind of a fun slide - just a couple of rails.

 Anyway, they all had a great time, and I'm happy to report that they all slept most of the way home! :)

The trial study requires the eight year old to take a pill every day.  We've been doing this since he was four, and you'd think by now we would have it down to a routine for him to automatically take his pill each day.  But it's challenging to remember - or even to remember to remind him.  And I even have an alarm set on my phone for that very purpose.  So I made up this chart so that he can put a sticker on each day that he takes the pill.  It's hanging on the fridge so hopefully it will help us all remember.  Now, if I could just find that pack of tiny stickers...

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