"Lo, Children Are An Heritage of the LORD: and the Fruit of the Womb is His Reward" - Psalm 127:3

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Quilt Progress, Sickness & Flowers

 Yesterday the poor little three year old wasn't feeling well.  He spent most of the day doing this.  He just wanted to snuggle and sleep.  (This is how he sleeps in his bed too - cross legged and bent forward - usually on his giant dog).  He had a fever all day but refused to let me give him anything for it.  He had been sick the night before - he told his sister "I spit in my room."  So I guess he was gun-shy.  His stomachache seemed much worse in the evening but thankfully he didn't get sick again.  Hope this doesn't run through the whole family & daycare.  His brothers already have bad colds.

 I'm making good progress on my daughter's quilt.  About half of the blocks are finished, but still need pressing.  I need to pin the rest of the blocks together so I can sew them together tonight. 

 There are supposed to be circles in the center of each block, so that will be the next thing.  The pattern calls for using fusible web to stick them on, then top-stitching around that.  I really don't like raw edges, and considered hand appliqueing them in place, but then my daughter changed her mind on what she wanted.

 We were going to use the circles cut from the same fabric used in the corner pieces.  They are three inches wide.  But she really likes the yellow in the kite shape above, and we would (barely) have enough fabric to do the circles if we use both the yellow and the brown, and cut 2 inch circles.  Unfortunately I already had these all cut into kite shapes because I planned on incorporating them into the quilt top.  But I ended up not including them.  So we figured it up and I can just squeeze four circles out of each kite shape.

 I'm going to wait until she gets home from work to do any more on the circles though.  I don't think the ones we already made look that bad.  I will still have to apply fusible web to the back of whichever fabric we go with.  I didn't thoroughly read the directions before I started cutting, and I missed the step about ironing that on first.  Oh well.  Live and learn ... the hard way.

I was outside with the kids yesterday - mine and the whole daycare - and they started bringing me flowers.  I really kind of like dandelions (which is a good thing, considering the funnest game for them is to bring me a "white" flower, and blow it - scattering millions of seeds lol).  I think it's ironic that we work so hard to cultivate colorful flowers in our yards, while at the same time working so hard to eliminate the ones that want to grow there on their own.  Besides, I might have a hemorrhage if they brought me the flowers I had planted.  And what could be more special than a child bringing you flowers? I know I am loved :)  (And I just love the sweet little toes in the picture.)

Oh, and I had a good chuckle this morning when a Dad brought his son to my daycare.  It's very unusual for Dad to bring him, but Mom is out of town.  So when the Dad was leaving, he told his son, "See you later, Alligator!"  The son replied "See you later Alli ... Dad"  :)  Anyway it was cute when I heard it :)

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