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Friday, November 8, 2013

Homeschool Field Trip: National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson Hole

Our homeschool group had a field trip today in Jackson Hole at the National Museum of Wildlife Art.  We've done that a couple times before as a group and always enjoy it.  They do a good job with their programs.  I have to explain the fish in these pictures.  I'm guessing there was a contest with all the high school art programs participating.  There were three sets of fish like the one above on the pathway outside.

Inside, as we first entered were several that had "honorable mention" on them.  This one had hundreds of tiny scales made of duct tape.  Funny note - when I was explaining to my husband what this fish was made of, the two year old corrected me.  He said, "That's not a duck, that's a fish." :)

Can you tell what this one was made from?  Look closely.  It's Mountain Dew cans.  It was submitted by the students in ... get this ... Mountain View.  Ha.  Pretty creative.  

Unfortunately I missed getting a picture of the winning fish which was submitted by .... drumroll please ... our own local town!!!

When we all got to the museum, we were divided into three different groups, by age.  I stayed with my two little preschoolers.  They were supposed to talk about the weather in the paintings, but our little ones were pretty little, and not real interested in answering questions.  So we went to the children's room instead.  They have big displays - like the moose above.

 On the back side of the moose, there are examples of droppings, fur they can rub, and what they eat - small twigs.

They have letters on a roller that has pictures of moose when you roll them, and the ability to spell "moose" if you turn them all to letters.  They have displays like this for moose, coyote and bison.

This is the bison display, showing a cast of a bison hoof print.

The best thing about this area is that the kids are free to explore and touch everything.  While we were in here, the nine year old was with the oldest group doing a program geared toward his age group.  He had a lot of fun and learned a lot of interesting things.  He seems to have been most impressed with what he learned about Lewis and Clark, and the first cameras.

 This is my four year old, "hiding behind a tree."

They have a lot of animal dress up costumes and puppets to play with.

And they have an art room with two easels, and a place to hang up your artwork.

They have stamps, colored pencils, crayons, scissors, etc., and metal plates with scales and other things to do crayon rubbings.

This area is the puppet theater.

After the older kids were finished with their lessons, they were given time to draw and explore the kids' area.  
 My nine year old drew a skull and a moose.

There was a sign there that said if you leave your artwork hanging up, it might appear on their facebook page, so he left them there.

 They have lots of animal things that the kids can touch - like antlers, claws, skulls, etc.

Who ever said homeschooling isn't fun?

They had some cute ornaments for sale in the gift shop.  I decided to take pictures and try to make some myself.

I think I could whip these out pretty fast, if I ever take the time to sit down and do it. 

 Outside there are a bunch of different, huge bronze statues.  The kids had fun blowing off a little steam.  This is not our whole group - just my kids and one other family.  We went to Pizza Hut after the museum and had dinner with this family.

It was fairly nice today, but chilly.  When we started driving to Jackson, I nearly turned around because the road was so bad, but it got better and was even dry after a bit of driving.  But in Jackson, even though the weather was nice... they're already skiing at Snow King (the town of Jackson is at and around the base of the ski hill.  This ski hill isn't really that big - as far as number of runs goes.  But it's convenient to town.  It's also straight up and down.  In my opinion, Teton Village (aka Jackson Hole Mountain Resort) is much better.

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