"Lo, Children Are An Heritage of the LORD: and the Fruit of the Womb is His Reward" - Psalm 127:3

Saturday, December 14, 2013

A Quick Catch Up

Well this has been quite a week.  I didn't mean to go so long between posts, but we've had a rough week.  We finally got our heat fixed, but still need them to come back and bleed the lines (it's hot water baseboard heat) because it sounds like a plane taking off every 30 minutes or so.  We also had a plugged toilet that was finally resolved by having the septic tank pumped.  We had a frozen waterline in our kitchen.  Then I got extremely sick.  Well, not sick really, just in a ton of pain.  I even made an emergency trip to the clinic and found that it was either gall stones or stomach spasms caused by stress.  I'm feeling better but still pretty sensitive and not eating as much.

 So here's what else we've done.  Before I became ill, I stumbled upon a good recipe.  I had some canned biscuits left over from making pigs in a blanket (little smokies wrapped in biscuit dough then baked), so I dipped them in melted butter, then in cinnamon sugar.  They were amazing - crunchy and sweet. YUM

 I helped the nine year old make cookies for his 4H cookie exchange on Monday, then we found out two hours before the event that it was postponed to this coming Monday.  So now we have to make another batch over again.

 The five year old decided to "try on" his dad's sleeper pants.  HA.  These are pajama pants made to look like ratty blue jeans.

His arms are in the pockets.

He just kept running all over the place like that.

 The boys have finally been able to get out and enjoy the snow.  We've been in positive temperatures for three days now woohoo.

The wind, however has been fierce.

We've had a herd of deer hanging around right in front of our house.  That big fence was just built to direct where they cross the highway, and they went back and forth trying to figure out how to get where they wanted to go.  There are underpasses and overpasses built for them to cross safely.  I don't see them today so they must have figured it out.

Well, that was exciting, wasn't it.  We're off to cut a Christmas tree today.  I haven't done any decorating yet and it almost seems too late to even worry about it, but the three little wise guys probably wouldn't go for that.  So I guess that's what we'll do today.

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