"Lo, Children Are An Heritage of the LORD: and the Fruit of the Womb is His Reward" - Psalm 127:3

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Homeward Bound

 Well we're home now.  We traveled yesterday, and figured we better get a pretty early start since the weather was supposed to turn bad.  I was worried we'd run into bad roads before we got home, but thankfully we didn't.  (As you can see, the "hat" came home with us).

 I was a little concerned when we weren't even to Laramie before we had snow blowing across the road.  Thankfully that's the only snow we saw until we got closer to home.

 The storm clouds were sure threatening though.  And the wind was horrendous.  In fact I-80 was closed to light trailers and high profile vehicles.  We saw one camper flipped and destroyed in the median.  Winds were 65 mph plus.

Which made this insane - not one, but two light trailers.

It always cracks me up how the boys sleep in the car.

And see the snowflakes on the window? Those are gel ornaments he had to have when we were doing our black Friday shopping.

We made several bathroom stops on the way home, and the last one coincided with the best ice cream shop in all of Wyoming - the Farson Mercantile. ;)  By the way, this is a SMALL.

The weather only got bad when we came into our home town.  It was snowing pretty heavy on the other side of town.  Thankfully the roads were only bad for 5 miles of our whole trip.

Of course the boys were all happy to see Daddy who stayed home to work while we went off to visit.  The nine year old played Scrabble with him on the Nook.  And the two year old snuggled in and fell asleep with Daddy.

 We had a lot of mail waiting for us when we got home, including the five year old's birthday present from his oldest brother - an evil purple minion!

I'm guessing you can tell how big of a hit this was.  This minion is much bigger than his yellow one.

 He was so excited to feed his fish - Pascal - a red beta.  He had to show the minion his fish.

Poor fish - what a scary sight this must have been!  I can't imagine what he must have been thinking.

Believe it or not, all the kids opted to do a little homeschool last night before bed too.  The nine year old did one of our "Great Map Mysteries" and the younger two played with the apps on the tablet, colored with markers, and the five year old did some cutting too.  Guess it's time to get back to homeschool!

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