"Lo, Children Are An Heritage of the LORD: and the Fruit of the Womb is His Reward" - Psalm 127:3

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Back to Colorado for the Weekend

 Back in Colorado, the ten year old was spoiled by his uncle.  As soon as we returned, he took him to play disc golf.

  He got to spend the night at the aunt and uncle's house, then go to a BMX bike race.  They were only watching, but it was a lot of fun, and now I'm hearing "I want to do that!"

The little ones settled in to watch Caillou.  We don't have television at our house (just movies) so this was a treat for them.

We also watched a crazy show about people building outlandish tree houses.  In the episode we watched, the people wanted the outside of the tree house to resemble a birds nest.  During the program, the ten year old created his own bird nest on the etch-a-sketch.

 Saturday was nice and hot.  We did a little shopping, then had a cookout at my sister's house.

 Then we headed to the pool.

The two year old saw this picture and told me his brother was riding on the gowanna :)

 It took a long time for the five year old to get brave enough to get "in" the pool - if you can call this being "in" the pool.  He was doing so well, but then slid off the side of it and went under.  That was the end of swimming.  He tends to remember bad experiences forever.  We had to get out of the pool and we didn't get a chance to go back again, so I'm hoping I can get him back in the water next time.

The two year old also told me he put the monkey around his butt :)

 We had a little parade/train/cha cha cha thing going.

 My niece loves her little boat.  She was dipping her hair into the water.

 Everything with this kid is about football - ha.

 Sunday night we went to a huge park.  They had tons of things to play on.

 This was very cool.  It rocked back and forth like a carnival ride.

 Hard to see, but this is a periscope.

 This is like a balance beam on springs.

 The five year old sat himself on the swing and got it going.  This is HUGE for him.  He only ever lays on his belly, and he did this all by himself.  It is the first time he's been willing to sit on the swing the right way. :)

This is a fun thing - it's set up so that one side is higher than the other and it rolls around, so once you get the heavy one past the middle point on the top, they really shoot around.

We had a ton of fun on our visit, and can't wait for this weekend, when they'll be coming up to our house :)

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