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Friday, July 25, 2014

Gettin' in Shape, A New Bed, and Boys Night Out

 We've been going walking/running at the high school track this week.  We're determined to get in better shape, and get the ten year old ready for football season :)

 The little boys are even getting into it.

 If you look closely you'll see the ten year old on the field.  His sister showed him how to run suicides all the way down the field (run from the end zone to the 5 yard line, touch the line with your hand, run back to the end zone, touch the line with your hand, run to the 10 yard line, touch the line, back to the end zone, touch the line, out to the 15... etc).

 We've gone in the evening and in the morning.  This was a morning shot.  The three year old played and played when we went at night, but he's pretty stuck on having his breakfast first thing, and he was NOT in a good mood about getting up early and then waiting for breakfast.  So I packed up some cereal for him and he had a picnic breakfast.

 The five year old exercises with us a lot, but also likes to check out bugs and worms he finds :)

 We finished our workout and headed home for breakfast.  If you remember, the five year old was stuck on only ever eating grilled cheese for breakfast.  Well now, it's waffles.  The rest of us have eggs.

 See the goose egg?  There is a playground right next to the track, and he slipped while climbing up the stairs and hit his head on a metal rail.  Guess I should be thankful he was going up the stairs and not down when he slipped.

 He's pretty tough though.  Only cried a minute or less, and never complained about it again ... but he did enjoy showing off his bump.

 After our first night walking, we were getting ready for bed and couldn't find the three year old.  He had crashed in the playroom :)  Totally exhausted.  We tried to wake him up.

 He just rolled over. :)  That was the night before the head bump, so can't blame that either.

 I've had some strange bed-fellows lately.

 The five year old in particular hasn't wanted to sleep on his bunk lately. And my daughter who was home from college for the summer, and staying on the couch in the school room has decided to stay home until Spring semester and earn more money to pay for college, so she needed a real bed.  So we switched things up.

The five year old gets his own little twin sized bed, the ten year old moves to the top bunk where the five year old used to sleep, and my daughter gets the bottom bunk the ten year old used to have.

Everyone gets a place to sleep, and we get our school room back just in time for classes to begin.  In fact, a lot of my time lately has been spent working on lesson plans.

 The five year old has cracked me up with his antics and excitement over the new bed.  He's been reading books to his stuffed animals in bed, and decided he needed a reading lamp ... so he stole his brother's :)

Incidentally, he also told me he needs a new blanket ... with minions on it.

 Last night they guys had a big Father-sons outing.  They went over to the fair to watch the FreestyleMX show.

 Looks like it was pretty impressive.

My husband said one of these guys has a brother who was killed filming stunts for the latest Fast and Furious movie.  He was asked to finish the stunt his brother died doing, and then finish the movie.  They went back and superimposed this guys face over his brother's so it would look like he had done the whole movie.

After the show, they checked out all the 4H animals and went to the free petting zoo, but my husband didn't think to take pictures of anything but the bikes.  While they were there, my daughter and I went to the library, then walked at the track :)

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