"Lo, Children Are An Heritage of the LORD: and the Fruit of the Womb is His Reward" - Psalm 127:3

Friday, July 18, 2014

Library Pizza Party

 Thursday was a busy day.  We went to therapy for the five year old, then headed to the library for the summer reading program finale.  They had pizza and hot dogs, chips and fruit for lunch, then gave out awards.

 Our library is very good at having fruit with their special events, which means the three year old usually has something he can eat.  I always bring food along too, but it's nice to have some from them too.  They had watermelon and grapes this time, just like at the beach party.

 The five year old was supposed to go up for awards with his brother, but he refused.  So the three year old accepted the certificate for them both.  They were in the family group anyway since neither of them reads on their own yet.

 The ten year old's group (those that were there, anyway).

They drew his name for one of the bigger prizes, and he chose another solar car.

 The two little ones didn't get drawn for a big prize, but everyone got small things, and they each got a top that looks like an ice cream cone and lights up.

 The five year old was thrilled with his :)

 They had races for kids who had completed their bingo cards and won cars.  The ten year old had a solar car and the rest of the kids there were younger and had Lego cars that were powered by balloons.

Since he was the only one with a solar car, our librarian raced him using one of the solar cars that had been on display at the library.

He won :)  I thought it was really nice of her to do that for him.

They decided to move to wider sidewalks because the cars would curve to one direction (thanks to the weight of the motor.)

Here are the two cars.

It was pretty fun watching them race.

And the little boys enjoyed running around outside after lunch.

 After the library, we stopped by Bugga's and visited a bit, then went home so the ten year old could bake cookies for fair.

He had his interview judging this morning.  He did really well (but he looked really nervous).  Tonight we have the five year old's horse show for his therapeutic horseback riding.  That will be fun :)

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