"Lo, Children Are An Heritage of the LORD: and the Fruit of the Womb is His Reward" - Psalm 127:3

Friday, March 25, 2011

Ahh, It's Been a Good Day

It's been a great day (most Fridays are) and this one has been especially nice. It started with all the daycare kids wound up - to the extreme. I think the combination of a long week, and the fact that we haven't had a yard to play in for months has brought things to a frenzy. It will be so nice when we can get them outside again. Maybe by next winter I'll be all moved out of the daycare building and we can clear the garage to create an "indoor" play yard. I can move all my outdoor equipment in there and get a few pads for under the slides, and still have room for riding bikes and such. It will still be cold, but at least it will be dry.

Anyway, Fridays are always good because when they're done, I have a weekend to look forward to! After everyone left tonight my husband took me out for a nice steak dinner. Very relaxing. When we came home, the UPS man was right behind us, bringing, of all wonderful things, FABRIC!!

Isn't this cute? With any luck, this will become my new diaper bag. The main body of the bag will be these cute giraffes, and the blue dots will be on the sides, and inside the bag. I bought the black dots too, because I wasn't sure whether I would want the blue on the outside (other than for trim). I really like the blue, though, and will probably let it be on the outside. We shall see ;)

They (Fabric.com) were having a great sale on some of their other fabrics, so I picked up this super-cute black and white fabric with silhouette kiddos on it to use in my sewing room ... assuming it ever gets here. I'm thinking it would be a cute valance. I think I'll paint the room a pretty robin's egg blue and decorate in black and white. This will work well because my two storage cabinet units are white. Hopefully it will get here before we all enter eternity. I'm not placing any bets on it though. Latest word is that they will be here in 10 days, but this guys word is worth about as much as the confederate dollar, which ain't much.

It was also a great day for my daughter, who has recently signed up to sell Premiere Jewelry. They do home shows similar to Pampered Chef, only with jewelry. Her 70 piece jewelry kit arrived today. The poor FedEx man... the box must have weighed almost 50 pounds. I could barely lift it from the entryway. It wasn't all jewelry. They sent catalogs, and a lot of paperwork, along with an awesome portable jewelry case which is probably two feet tall by ... oh, I have no idea. It's big. Just look at the size of the box. The two year old was overjoyed to have something to beat on, and the perfect size box to sit up in. Too cute.

He was really enjoying himself.

And finally, I thought I would show you the progress I've made on the baby blanket. I think it looks like rolling waves. I did most of this Thursday, while the house was quiet during naptime and my own 18 and 7 year old were at the ski hill. It was nice to have a free afternoon just to sew, and not have to focus on homeschool. Even mom needs a break now and then ;)

So it's been a fun day. Now I need to get some rest so I can (hopefully) get some sewing done tomorrow. But who knows. We're kind of up in the air on our weekend plans, and might end up going to the hill climb (snowmobile race) in Jackson tomorrow. It will depend on the weather. The seven year old thinks we ought to ski instead.

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