"Lo, Children Are An Heritage of the LORD: and the Fruit of the Womb is His Reward" - Psalm 127:3

Thursday, March 17, 2011

In a Crafty Mood

I guess all the fabric and pattern buying I've been doing is getting my creative juices running. I've been wanting to make time to get some crafting in. But given my hectic schedule, it hasn't happened yet this week.

I was thinking I would start back in on the crocheting I keep by my bedroom rocking chair.

But someone was in the chair. He loves to "rockabye" - especially with me, and especially right before bed. He usually brings me a book (or seven) and tells me to "read it!". Once we get all snuggled in, he'll say "rockabye!" and we'll rock and read our stories. It's a sweet bedtime routine.

Tonight, though, he was being ornery, and wouldn't share the chair. He was enjoying making the rocker go as fast as he could.

Anyway, after all the rocking and reading, I was finally able to get my crocheting out. This is a project I started around New Year's, when we were in Utah. I was in the mood to make something pink, and figured with my sister and I both expecting, chances are one or the other of us would be having a girl. Well, I sure hope she has a girl ;) I guess if she doesn't, I'll put it in my "someday" box. I've been reading a blog by Karen Andreola (author of several books on homeschooling with the Charlotte Mason method). She keeps a hope chest style box which she calls the someday box, in which she places hand made items for a grandchild she will eventually have. (She has some already, but no girls yet). I thought that was a pretty neat idea. I'm sure with five children, I will have grandchildren "someday." No rush though ;) Anyway, I think this will end up being a pink and white striped afghan, maybe with a lacy border. We'll see. And we'll see in a couple weeks (hopefully) whether I need to get this done by August :)

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