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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Master Gardener, Class Complete... sort of

Last night was my final Master Gardener class. We had a class on soil - where we brought our own soil samples and learned what type of soil we have. Surprise, surprise, I have "sandy clay" in the back yard (at the new place) and "silty clay" in the front. What does that mean? It means when we walk in the mud, it will glop onto our shoes. Big surprise. It also means the soil will hold water well, so we won't have to water as often, and when we do water, it will need to be done very slowly. It also means we need to add organic matter - which is the advice regardless of what type of soil you have.

We also did our "graduation" party - we had pizza and played a version of Jeopardy, and our table (me and one other person) finished 4th out of about 12 tables. Everyone got a prize, but we were allowed to choose them in the order in which we placed. I snagged a package of Asparagus roots. I really hope that works out. We grew asparagus when I was a kid in Nebraska, and there is no comparison between store bought and home grown asparagus. Honestly, I'm not a huge fan of the store-bought stuff. But home grown? Now that's another story. At the end we were allowed to pick out a couple of seed packets. I gathered up the instructor's "favorite" lettuce blend, and a packet of "tendersweet carrots." I really don't expect to do much gardening this year, with the baby due July 1, but I think I can handle a few little things. And think how good a tasty home-grown salad with real carrots will taste.

Anyway, we're not quite done with class. There is a pruning class in April, and then if we want the Master Gardener certification, we have to put in 40 hours of volunteer time. I hadn't intended to go that far. If you get the certification, you are "qualified" to consult with people who are having problems in their garden, or with their landscape plants. I don't feel qualified to do that. I've learned a lot, but I'm a beginner to all this and don't have many answers. I took the class to learn how to grow things in my own yard, not tell everyone else how to do it ;)

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