"Lo, Children Are An Heritage of the LORD: and the Fruit of the Womb is His Reward" - Psalm 127:3

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Just a Bunch of Kid Stuff

Good morning! Okay. So I'm writing this at 11 pm. But this is how my morning started. Actually this is because I was so totally exhausted that I couldn't crawl out of bed to feed the baby. So I brought him to me. And I got to sleep an extra hour. Well sort of. I still had to be up for the daycare kids at the same time as always, but instead of sitting in the chair to nurse, I slept :P I'm still feeling totally exhausted, and was hoping to be in bed early tonight, but that never seems to happen. And I've gotten into a routine lately of posting to my blog at the end of the day so as to include all the day's events and pictures and such. It's working for me. I mean, apart from the total lack of sleep. HA.

Is it just me, or have office/school supplies gotten really cute lately? These just force me to buy them. I really can't do anything to avoid it *ha*. Seriously. I don't ever use folders. And I bought three of them. Well, okay, that's not entirely true. I use one folder to keep my church papers in (I'm the clerk). ONE. Not three. And these are just the new ones. I have several other really cute ones waiting to be used. Maybe I should start using folders in place of file folders ... hmm. By the way, the two on the right side are journals I just picked up at Ross when we were in Colorado. Love Ross. Especially their journals! And I love that one of those journals perfectly matches the folders! Aah. Bliss. (Okay, yes, I'm really tired!)

The baby was in a good mood most of the day. (He happens to be fussy right at the moment). He slept a good portion of the day. I think he's still fighting the pneumonia pretty hard. I keep forgetting that he's very sick - since we don't see any of the normal symptoms like coughing or a fever. His color is really good today and he's been attentive and perky when he was awake. So that's all good.

I can't believe we've gone from shorts to long sleeve shirts with fleece pants in a matter of one week. The forecast even called for snow here today (though we didn't get any). Wouldn't that have surprised you! I love the snow, but I'm not ready for it this year. I missed the summer entirely and am having a hard time with that. Last winter was l.o.n.g. It just ended. My favorite season is fall, and it looks like that might be short this year. And it's only just supposed to be beginning. So I'm hoping I'm wrong about that. Anyway, it is what it is, so I might as well be content with it :)

Remember Tim the Tool Man? We have our own live-in version. He looks innocent enough, you say? Ha. That's because you don't live with him.

See here for example? He has a pair of pliers holding onto a car. And can you guess what he does with said pliers/car combo? He uses it as a hammer... on his brother's portable oxygen tank of course ... because it makes the most noise there...

This is the look I got when I caught him using his pliers to "fix" my laptop. Um, yeah. Probably don't need that kind of help. Thanks anyway...

He is a lot of fun, and a real charmer. And we love him to pieces ;)

And sometimes we enjoy it a lot when he looks like this. :) Actually, we're having issues with this right now. He's right at that point between napping and not. You know, the point where he's too wide awake to take a nap, but then when it becomes clear that he really did need one, it's too late to put him down. So he is pretty grumpy in the evenings. These in-between stages are so difficult to cope with. But still, I wouldn't trade them for the world! I love my kids even when they are grumpy :)

Not sure how I missed getting a picture of the seven year old. Normally he jumps in front of the camera at every opportunity. Today he helped me take our recycling to the recycling center, and did some school. He was especially impressed with learning about the human body. We have a book that came with skeleton puzzle pieces, so it looked like a crime scene here with a body laid out on the floor. All we were missing was a chalk line. He helped me make lunch and dinner too. He enjoys cooking. I'm going to have to make a bigger point of getting him involved. He also really wants to sew his own pillow case, and learn to play the piano. His sister started teaching him some piano, but I need to dig through our boxes and find the books for beginners. Someday. Hopefully soon. But no promises ...

I had high hopes of trying to sew some quilt blocks using paper piecing for the first time today. I even re-watched Carol Doak's DVD - which I highly recommend, and am sure it is going to make paper piecing a breeze... but then, I haven't ever actually sewn anything with that method, so you probably rightfully could say I can't be trusted on that subject ;) Hopefully I can get a chance to try it soon. But I also hear from my mother in law that the chokecherries are ripe. So that will probably need be the next thing on my list. And then the making of jelly. So, again, no promises...

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