"Lo, Children Are An Heritage of the LORD: and the Fruit of the Womb is His Reward" - Psalm 127:3

Monday, September 26, 2011

Catching Up: Grandpa's Visit

We've been having a lot of fun with Grandpa here for a visit for most of the week. So much fun in fact, that I haven't had a chance to do any blogging. Here are some highlights...

Saturday we went back to the same beach we were at a week ago to do more fishing and playing in the sand. We picked up some subs and had a picnic.

Doesn't it look like the two year old is buried in the sand? Ha. This is on a pretty steep hillside, and there is a hole dug into the sand that he was sitting in.

Both the boys enjoyed wading into the lake. It's a nice gentle slope here so they were able to have a good time without being in too much danger.

And, Grandpa was supervising.

We saw a lot of beautiful butterflies at the lake. I think pictures might be better than all the work with pinning bugs. And these won't crumble after you go to all the work of collecting them :)

We caught a few fish.

Well, my husband caught two. I had one on my line for a quick minute, but didn't get the hook set in time.

They were pretty fish - shiny and brightly colored rainbow trout, which you can't really tell in the picture.

It was hard to get the two year old to leave the fish on the stringer in the lake. HA. ALL BOY!

They were kind of small ... (my daughter, Vanna White).

See what a difference camera angle makes? HA. Now that's how to tell a good fish story.

We wore everybody out. I buckled the little guy in and he was asleep before we could even get everyone loaded :) We did portrait style pictures of the baby and my daughter - the ones who missed out last time, but I will put them into a separate post.

Saturday evening we went to Papa and Bugga's to watch the big game - University of Nebraska vs. University of Wyoming. It was a house divided - my dad in the Nebraska hat, and father-in-law in the Wyoming hat :) Good friendly competition :)

Being originally from Nebraska, I had a hard time with this game. I didn't want either team to lose. Mostly though, I hoped Wyoming would play a good game, and earn some respect, and that Nebraska would win as they have more to lose bowl-wise. Got my wish :) Wyoming played great, but Nebraska prevailed.

Doesn't this look comfy? Everyone had their eyes on the game :)

Most of my guys, all cuddled up on the couch watching the game. The 20 year old had to work. You can see how cooperative the baby was being.

And here are a few more random pictures from our week. This is one of my favorites :)

Grandpa often had his hands full!


Sweet brothers :)

It's been a great week! ;)


  1. looks like a great family week! The little guy did look like he was buried in the sand!

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