"Lo, Children Are An Heritage of the LORD: and the Fruit of the Womb is His Reward" - Psalm 127:3

Monday, September 19, 2011

A Day at the Lake

Sunday afternoon, we went out to one of the local lakes and did a little fishing and a whole lot of playing. My daughter was playing with the camera again, so we have "portraits" of everyone ... except for her (just one self portrait with the two year old, and a picture of her feet - ha. And the baby didn't have any pictures done since it was chilly and very windy, so he slept in the truck while everyone played. When he finally woke up, I just stayed in the truck with him. He hates wind. So the pictures of him are from home.

Don't you love little footprints in the sand? The two year old's is on the left and my 18 year old daughter's is on the right.
Brothers having a good time. I think there was a story involved.

I sat on the beach stitching on my embroidery blocks, watching the boys play in the sand and water, and listening for the baby, who was in the truck behind us.

Here are the only pictures of my daughter that we managed to get out of the day.

She worked so hard to get good pictures of everyone else. I've grouped them by person. I'll warn you. There are a lot of pictures in this post, and they will probably only be relevant to family...

Now, here are the best of the pictures of the 20 year old...

The seven year old (who spent most of his time IN the lake) ...

Isn't this a sweet note? He wrote it, then brought me to it to show me :)

The star of the show, and winner of "most photogenic & yet most difficult to photograph" (think moving target), the two year old ...

His favorite things were the sand (he was laying in it), sticks and rocks.

He did get his toes wet, but that was it. And he didn't get back in after this either.

Love those little footprints :)

Here are the only pictures of the baby taken on Sunday...

"My, what big eyes you have"... "better to see you with, my dear!"

This was right after church. Daddy was trying to burp him. I took a quick picture, then moved him so he wouldn't suffocate ;)

Here are a few of us...

This one is my favorite. We didn't know she was taking pictures then - thought she was just getting into a different position. I used to hate having my picture taken, and usually erased the pictures of me that I didn't like (usually all of them) but then I read a blog challenging mothers to include pictures of themselves in their blogs and in the photos for the children's sake. I read on to find out that after writing to encourage other mothers to do so, and leading by example on her own blog, that very mother was killed in a car accident. It meant so much to her family that she had constantly included pictures of herself with her kids. It made me realize that even though I hate the way I look, my kids still love me, and still want to remember having a good time with me. So I've loosened up and allowed them to photograph me. And I try to cooperate and not complain about how I look in the pictures. It's the memories of the event that are important anyway.

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