"Lo, Children Are An Heritage of the LORD: and the Fruit of the Womb is His Reward" - Psalm 127:3

Monday, September 12, 2011

Time For Science Camp & More Tests For The Baby

So today was the big day. Time to load up the bug collection and head up to Science Camp at Red Cliff Bible Camp. The seven year old was SO excited ... and a little nervous.

He was the first one to arrive in his cabin, so he got to pick any bed he wanted. The cabins are set up with three rows of three bunks each, so nine campers per cabin - plus a nicer normal bed for the counselor. He decided to take the top middle bunk. Last year he chose one of the others and ended up constantly bumping his head, so he fixed that problem this year by taking the one with the most head space :) It's WAY up there too. See his duffle bag on the floor? That's a pretty big duffle bag too!

It was a pretty quiet day around here. My 20 year old isn't back from his reserve duty weekend yet, and the 18 year old daughter is a counselor at science camp. I only had one daycare child today, and my two year old and the baby. It did hail pretty hard for awhile ... thankfully during nap time. The two year old would have had a panic attack if he had been awake for it. This picture was taken at the beginning of the storm. We did get a little more hail, but not too much, and it mostly melted quickly. We still have a little in small piles against the fence, but mostly it's gone. Anyway, the sound of hail can be soothing. Unlike kids who never seem to run out of energy - lol.

The only real excitement around here is keeping up with all the cords attached to the baby. (They're only close to him like that for the picture. When he sleeps, I hide them under blankets and put them up where he won't get tangled in them.)

Last night he kept setting off the Angel Care monitor. It seems to come in clusters now. When he sets it off once, I can count on it happening over and over within the hour. Last night - or should I say this morning - around 4:30 it started by setting off the full alarm. That got my attention! I wiggled him, but he was so sound asleep I had to give him a pretty good shake to get him to stir. From then on, the monitor would go off every 2-5 minutes - when he got himself back into that deep sleep - until around 6 am, when he was finally awake and ready to be fed. Needless to say I was a little frazzled from lack of sleep, and pretty concerned. The frequency of these things seems to be increasing. At least once the monitor goes off once, it seems to go off repeatedly. So after talking to the doctor and to home health, they determined to do another overnight pulse oximeter test to see if his oxygen levels are still dipping, even though he is on oxygen. The doctor did mention the possibility of putting him in the hospital under close supervision for a few nights to see what exactly is going on with him. I will call them tomorrow (Tuesday) with a report on how the night went, and we will decide from there. So for now, I'm hoping to get a little sleep before monitors start beeping. (I do hope they go off tonight though, since he's got the oxygen sensor on, and we'll be able to tell if his levels are still dropping.)

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