"Lo, Children Are An Heritage of the LORD: and the Fruit of the Womb is His Reward" - Psalm 127:3

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bed Rest, Day 4 ... too much :(

Turns out I blogged a little too early yesterday. I actually had a lot more activity than I expected. My in-laws came by and my sweet mother-in-law brought me this wonderful rhubarb cobbler - YUM!

I had just been talking to her over the weekend about coming over to get some rhubarb (and this very recipe) so I could make some of this, and then I got put on bed rest and figured I was out of luck. She surprised me by bringing a nice hot cobbler by :) I almost forgot to take a picture before it was gone - could you tell?

I also had a lot of "visitors" via phone. I was on the phone most of the day. Ran my battery nearly dead too. It was good to be able to visit though. Most of my days are pretty quiet.

Then last night I decided for sure to take the plunge into the Farmer's Wife quilt. I printed out the 15 pages of templates, and sat around on the computer considering color schemes. I've decided to go with Wyoming colors - brown and gold and tan. I'm going to use all solids. Anyway, something about my pregnant brain makes me dwell on things and work out things all night long. This can be good - I've solved a lot of problems and planned a lot of specifics in my sleep over the last few months. On the other hand, it can also be classified as obsessing over things. So last night every time I woke, I was thinking about these colors, and worrying over being able to accurately choose colors off a computer screen. I don't have anywhere local to buy the fabric. Okay. Deep breath. Just order small yardage at first ... duh.

I also got a little overwhelmed by all the template pieces, and have decided to try my hand at paper piecing - which I have never done before. I think it will be much more accurate, and there's no better way to learn a new technique than to do it 110 times over, right? That's how many blocks there are :)

This morning I managed to convince my sweet husband to give me a slight reprieve from bed rest. (Well, it was supposed to be slight). I have permission to be up in chairs and to ride in cars, so I very politely asked him to drive me to a yard sale that had a lot of baby stuff advertised. He agreed, since I've done so well all week, with the condition that I would come home after the first sale. Well, I begged and pleaded (ahem, argued) and he let me "ride along" to all of them - after all, the first one had only girl stuff, and I really needed infant boy pants... So, of course I couldn't just sit in the car and let them do the looking. I ended up getting out at all of the sales. All 6 of them. And then we went to the thrift store because I hadn't found much baby stuff at the yard sales.

I paid for my bad behavior all afternoon. I felt horrible all day. I will be staying in bed from here on out :(

Anyway, here is some of my ill-gotten gain. Puzzles for the boys...

They've already done all of them :)

The Monster's Inc version of the game of life...

28 new books :D My seven year old pointed out to me that every time I go to yard sales, I end up buying 12 books. "At least" was all I could say :)

This was one of the best deals of the day - a Columbia coat for the seven year old that will fit him this ski season. The cost? TEN CENTS! Literally. It was in with the winter clothes at the thrift store that they were getting rid of for 10/$1!!

This was another great deal - a Willow Tree figurine of an expecting mother. I love these. I almost bought this one when I found out I was pregnant, but couldn't justify the expense. I got this one for ... FREE... God is good! I'd love to collect all sorts of "motherly" figurines, but again, I can't justify the expense. Oh, and the two year old thinks it's a doll. He laid it down on a pillow and said, "Take a nap, Mama!" The seven year old reminded me how good he is at art, and offered to draw eyes and a smile on her... I think they miss the point. I've put this on display on the TOP shelf of my secretary, under lock, behind glass, just to be safe :)

For the two year old and the daycare, I got this tunnel - it looks like a caterpillar - see the legs? And each end has a face on it. Not sure why both ends have a face, but who am I to question the anatomy of a caterpillar? Anyway, the two year old was terrified of it until everyone else showed him how to use it.

Now he packs it around and plays with it all the time. He loves it.

Oh, and on top of all that, we also brought home two garbage bags full of clothes - including the pants I needed for the baby boy, and a grocery cart seat cover for our new baby :) It was a good haul. And, my husband was especially thrilled with a practically new reciprocating saw he found for $25.

While I was recovering in bed, my seven year old got bitten by his friend's dog. As I was in bed at the time, and haven't yet met this friend and his dog, I asked him what the dog looked like and he offered to draw me a picture. When he described it, all I got from him was the color, the spots, and the eyebrows. See them in the picture? He's fine by the way. Just a little surface scrape and a good lesson in why we leave other people's dogs alone :)

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