"Lo, Children Are An Heritage of the LORD: and the Fruit of the Womb is His Reward" - Psalm 127:3

Monday, June 27, 2011

Bed Rest, Days 5 & 6

I know it's a little early to post as I'm only half-way through day 6, but we just received some good news and hope you will pray with us if you read this in time. Since January we have been praying for a 1 year old girl named Audrey who has been having heart problems. She had to have heart surgery in January, and after the surgery her heart never would start beating again. Since then she has undergone a heart transplant, but they found a defect in the new heart and she has been having major problems - especially over the past couple weeks. Now she is listed for another heart transplant, and we just received word that they found a possible match, and may do surgery on her tonight - and she has only been listed for just over a week! What a miracle (in the doctor's own words). It truly is a miracle. She has hundreds of people praying for her, so if you don't mind, would you take a minute and pray for her as well?

My seven year old has been very touched by Audrey's story and has been praying diligently for her every night. He is so thrilled. When I gave him the news that they may have found a heart, he immediately went and prayed for her, and then drew the picture above on his magna-doodle.

Now back to my regularly scheduled, boring, stuck in bed posts...

You know, the ones with the obligatory cute two year old pictures...

I've found that the key to keeping visitors coming is to have the right supplies on hand. Books for the two year old...

And hunting magazines for the xx year old *snicker* - okay, so I better not tell you how old he is :) Anyway, he keeps me good company when I keep him supplied with elk hunting magazines. And did you know that there is now a scope you can get for your rifle that also measures the distance the animal is away from you, and then automatically adjusts to sight your gun in perfectly so you don't even have to think about it? Yeah. Me neither. I'm pretty sure I heard more about the ads in the magazine than the articles. Oh well. At least he was visiting with me - and now I know what to buy him when I become a millionaire. HA.

Here's something completely off topic. Did you know these little girl scout cookie imitators existed? I didn't. My favorite girl scout cookies are Samoas - which look exactly like these, and the taste is pretty close too. I'm pretty sure the girl scout version has darker chocolate, and more caramel, but these are pretty good. I'm getting spoiled on bed rest. People keep bringing me snack foods. And it seems like between all the reading and napping, I feel like it's always time for a meal. Not that I'm hungry - just that dinner keeps showing up. Today I'm skipping lunch. Just not hungry. I may change my mind later, but honestly when you lay in bed and don't move, how many calories could you need? I was worried that this would be my biggest weight gain week of the entire pregnancy, so I stepped on the scale this morning, and was surprised to see that I have actually lost a couple pounds. Don't know how that happened. Could be that I'm a little dehydrated. It's hard to make yourself remember to drink enough when you're just laying in bed.

One other thing. I know I said I would be staying in bed from here on, but have a meeting I have to attend tonight - at least for a few minutes. It is daycare related and will allow me to possibly get a couple thousand dollars in grant money, so I really have to go - at least for a few minutes. I've requested to be at the beginning of the agenda, so hopefully I will be in and out in no time. If my husband gets off work in time, he's going to take me to it. I've been trying to be really good and lay quietly in bed all day. My husband is very busy at work today and tomorrow (he drives a cement mixer) and these two days have him in a location about an hour away from me. He's back and forth to town, but there is the possibility that he could be an hour away when we need to head to the hospital - which is an hour and a half drive anyway. So, you might be praying that I don't go into labor today or tomorrow too ;)

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