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Friday, June 10, 2011

Preparations ... 20 Days and Counting

So, we're down to 20 days and counting, so I figured it's time to at least start getting prepared for the arrival of this little bundle. Yeah. Probably better get on that.

We're awfully limited on space around here - we're in a two bedroom duplex until the other house gets here. So here is one of our solutions - a dresser on top of a dresser. The bottom dresser is my husband's, and the top has been our 2 year old's, as well as storage of bedding and clothes in the next size up waiting to be used. Yesterday, I cleared out the top dresser, put all the two-year-old's clothes in the drawers on the right side, and made room for the baby clothes on the left.

My daughter helped me sort through all the old baby clothes (we never throw anything out - ha). We have at least 6 big plastic tubs of hand-me-downs in the garage, so we pulled all those in, sorted them by size and washed the baby clothes for size 0-3 months in Dreft. I made sure to clearly label everything else by size, and sort it all by size so we won't have to dig through everything next time. This is what the drawer of sleepers looked like afterwards - crammed full.

We have plenty of little outfits too. Again this is just 0-3 month sizes. I really haven't bought anything new for this baby - other than the shirt that says "new" in the picture above, which was from the thrift store.

I also have this new little onesie that says "squirmy"...

and a set of three onesies that have a construction theme. I had to get this one since my husband drives a concrete mixer :)

In the process of sorting, I found this bag sleeper I had made for our two year old. It reminded me that I have a box of these out in the garage/sewing area that still need to be sewn together. They're all cut out but need to be finished. Not sure whether I'll get that done or not, but it would be nice if I can fit it in. I don't really need them though - I think I have close to 15-20 sleepers anyway. I didn't count them. There was a drawer full though. The only thing I need to get is socks. I hate baby socks that don't stay on the baby's feet, so I usually buy new ones. I need to get a couple packages of those. And, I plan to run by the thrift store this weekend to look for more onesies. I know I have a million of them somewhere in the garage, but they weren't in the boxes with the clothes. I vaguely remember putting them into a bag and setting them out there somewhere, so I'll look around again before I go, but seriously, I can get them at the thrift store for a dime, so I'm not too worried about it. Maybe I'll get ambitious and look out there this afternoon.

Here's another thing I found when sorting through old baby stuff. This is a piece of fleece - probably about 3 yards worth that I had intended to use for the two year old. But I ended up with way more stuff than I needed for him, and it was all in a western/cowboy theme, and the sheep just never fit in. So, I'm thinking it might be a good time to make a couple more blankets. My two year old is kind of possessive about his blankies, so this might cure the problem of needing to share.

I also finally made my nursing cover. It has a strap to go around my neck, and a piece of boning to help it curve outward, so I can peek at the baby if I want. It's not too much boning - not as much as it called for - because I didn't want people who walked up behind me to be able to peek too. This is just enough that I have to deliberately move the fabric to get a view.

Here's what it will look like in use. My hair is in the way so that you can't see the straps, but you get the idea.

I had originally purchased this Eric Carle fabric for the nursing cover (two years ago!), but when I pulled it out to make the cover, it seemed like it was a little too see-through for my liking. I'm sure it would have been fine, but I'm all about modesty, and will be more comfortable in the other one. By the way, the fabric that I ended up using is called "Going on Thirty" by Maywood Studio. I picked it up (just the one yard) on the shop hop, and wish I had bought more. I would love to get a whole bolt of that fabric - I LOVE it! I might have to find a way to work that into the budget somehow.... let's see - how about an "I just gave birth" gift - or 4th of July? Labor day? Hmm. Don't know if I can wait for Christmas...

By the way, the house we're moving is now split apart and waiting to leave North Carolina ... hopefully this weekend. We're thinking it will be here next week. Hope so. I'd hate to miss the event due to being in labor!

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