"Lo, Children Are An Heritage of the LORD: and the Fruit of the Womb is His Reward" - Psalm 127:3

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bed Rest, Days 6 & 7

First let me say that Audrey's surgery went very well, the heart is in and functioning well. Praise God! Continue to pray for her recovery, as well as for the donor's family. I can't even imagine losing the little one that heart came from...

Okay, so I knew it was too early to post on Day 6. Here's what happened the rest of the day.

I heard squealing outside my window and had to take a peek.

This is HUGE for the two year old. This child goes into mass panic - screaming, panicking, clawing, etc., when you even ask him if he wants to take a bath or shower. Not sure how he got brave enough to enjoy the sprinkler, but YEAH! Maybe things will get easier for him in the bath department.

I had my daughter take the pictures, and just peeked out the door for a minute, then got right back in bed. Remember that was the first day my husband was going to be an hour away from home at times, so I pretty much stayed flat in bed most of the day.

But at least I could see them out my bedroom window. I was glad they had such a great time, and the lawn got a very thorough soaking too!

Apparently the neighbor's cat came over for a visit after they were all dried off.

The two year old especially likes the kitty, but doesn't usually get this close.

I see they made friends :)

I had a meeting I had to go to, which went fairly quickly. Then, back to bed, with my constant entertainment. The boys were making pictures on their magna-doodles. We got both of these used, for next to nothing, so it's nice that they can both have one. I do have to say that the two year old's favorite part is erasing the picture ... and as soon as the seven year old got up to do something, he erased the seven year old's picture. He does this constantly. Thankfully the seven year old just laughs and thinks it's funny ... so far.

Dinner Monday night was mashed potatoes with elk meat gravy and a stuffed artichoke - thanks to my sister for that recipe. My daughter has been spoiling me. My breakfasts usually consist of hash browns with cheese, a piece of fresh fruit, and a couple slices of sourdough toast with homemade apple butter (which she made Sunday from the Granny Smith apples in our co-op basket this week). Dinners have been wonderful. This one was excellent (and way more than I could eat).

Then later, after the meeting, she made us strawberry limeade - from all fresh ingredients. We still get our co-op baskets of fruits and veggies, and this week, we ended up with 14 limes. We don't ever use limes, (even though I love them) so this was a new treat for us. You should have seen how fast the two year old sucked his down!

Day 7 was more uneventful. I had my normal visitors...

Plus a giant dog...

My husband figured out a better way for us to play cards. We have been just playing on the bed, but the cards slide all over (especially when the two year old crawls in). Who knew we'd be using this little table for this? It worked fairly well. As you can see the two year old pulled up a chair to join in the fun.

That is, until he decided my chair looked more comfortable. Do you see him there? This is his latest thing. He tells us he's "driving" - and usually pretends to drive a mixer.

Of course the day wouldn't be complete without the usual silliness either :) It was another good, relatively uneventful day.

I did get all my prepped hexagons sewn, and now I just need to pull out all the finished ones and see which colors I might need more of before starting to sew them together. I'm not sure how I'm going to do placement yet - or keep track of it once I figure it out. Sure wish I had a design wall or something - maybe one of those puzzle savers that lets you roll up an unfinished puzzle in felt? Guess I'll figure it out. But first, I've got a doctor's appointment Wednesday, so we'll see whether they will allow me to wait to deliver naturally (which is my hope) or whether I'll be induced. I may not get back to these hexagons for awhile :/

Oh, and if it seems like I'm favoring the two year old with all the pictures being mostly him, it's because he's the one who visits me the most. The seven year old is usually out on his bike or with his friends - though I have noticed him coming in more often lately. He even voluntarily brought his school work in to do with me yesterday! I think he misses me ;)

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