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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bed Rest, Day 9 - I Made It!

Wow. The ticker on my sidebar says 1 hour 27 minutes to go! Yikes! But that means I made it to July!! (assuming I don't have this baby in the next hour and 27 minutes, that is.) But I'm not staying up till midnight to do this post - ha. I have to be at the hospital at 6 am now - they called and want me there earlier. That means we have to leave here by 4 am. 4:30 really, but I want to be on time with some to spare.

I didn't get the diaper bag made, but that will be a project for another day. We have tons of bags anyway that we can use in the mean time. I was busy obeying bed rest rules. Okay, and I just put it off for months... Instead, I rested most of the day as I was told to (not wanting to get labor going too early - after all, it wasn't July yet!), then enjoyed the evening out with my family. We walked to the park, played and did a little fishing. It's about 6 blocks to the park, and since I've been in bed for awhile, it was plenty of a walk. I pushed the stroller so I would have something to hang onto. I was hoping to kick-start this labor process, and it might have helped. (I also ate pineapple, which is supposed to help too, but who knows how many of these things really do any good?) I will say I had constant contractions while I was walking, but as soon as we stopped, so did they. Hopefully they helped me make some progress though.

The creek at the park is running very high now... not because of flooding, but because everyone is so worried about potential flooding that they are letting a lot of water out of the lakes around here. It's kind of ridiculous really. I think they're panicking over nothing. The lakes are lower now than I've seen them in years. It was a real challenge to load and unload the boat for the fishing derby on Father's Day, and they're still letting out a ton of water.

We enjoyed the park. This is the two year old's preferred way to swing. He's like a little koala baby - you don't even have to hang onto him because he has a death grip on you... He won't even think about using the baby swings. Too scary!

He much prefers just to run and play on his own.

And he likes the slides.

... most of the time. This tube slide was a bit scary. He wasn't sure what to make of it. (Sorry. This is terrible, but it was such a cute picture, I had to include it!)

The seven year old is much more adventurous. He prefers to swing wildly and jump off.

He loves climbing.

And never does anything the conventional way :)

Really, everyone got into the fun.

She swears this was comfortable, but I have my doubts.

Anyway, it was a great family outing. Very calming.

And we got some fishing in. Or at least the boys did - this is a kids fishing pond, after all.

They caught a lot of fish, but most of them didn't make it on shore - they would wiggle off just as we tried to land them. They were all pretty small, but fun to catch. We had to keep this one because the hook was completely swallowed, and by the time we got it out, he was a gonner. Oh well, the boys can have him for lunch tomorrow.

It doesn't matter around here who catches the fish. The two year old will claim it.

It started out pretty well for him with his fishing tonight. But then he decided he wanted to do his own thing and wouldn't listen ... or sit still ... or reel in when he had a fish on the line. He lost at least 3 fish because he refused to reel them in. Oh well. He is only 2!

It also got a little dangerous sitting next to him.

It was such a nice evening. We needed jackets by the time we were done, but then it was almost 9:30 by the time we got home. I love summer nights!

This was the perfect way to spend an evening before going into labor! I think it will mean a lot to the kids too, whether they realize it now or not :)

Wow. Okay, now the ticker says 39 minutes to go. I better get in bed. But I have a feeling I'm not going to sleep very well anyway. Too much excitement in the air. Maybe I'll nap at the hospital in the morning :)

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