"Lo, Children Are An Heritage of the LORD: and the Fruit of the Womb is His Reward" - Psalm 127:3

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Little Retreat

Monday and Tuesday I had a chance to run off to the town 100 miles away with just the baby. I packed plenty of sewing stuff :) I made significant progress on my embroidery sampler, but I didn't get as much done as I expected to.

This was our room - very nice. I didn't expect it to be this nice, as this was just a Comfort Inn, and the last time I saw one of those rooms (years ago) it was nothing special. The bonus was that I was able to negotiate the price from $129 down to $85 :) The lady was especially sweet and helpful. I hadn't thought about negotiating, and was just going around asking prices, and told her that was more than I wanted to pay, and thanked her. She came down to $109, but I sweetly told her no thanks, and she said, "Would you pay $99?" Without thinking, I said, "I'd pay $85 and she agreed. :) I still think that's a lot for one person and a baby to sleep overnight. When did hotel prices get to be so expensive? We stay in Idaho Falls twice a year for doctor's appointments - usually at a Holiday Inn Express or Hampton Inn, but I had no idea they were so pricy. When we go to Idaho Falls, our hotel is paid for by the medical study our 7 year old is in.

So, I took my Farmer's Wife paper piecing papers and my book and ruler. I intended to measure and make a cutting list for my pieces. Carol Doak has a DVD that is priceless in my opinion when it comes to paper piecing. She has so many useful tips and tricks. She explained how to measure what size to cut your pieces, and also suggested making a cutting list before starting to cut. She is SO organized with everything. I haven't had a chance to try paper piecing yet, but already I feel confident that I can do it :) Unfortunately, I didn't get time to do the measuring, but I'm hoping to get to that this coming weekend. I'll be working on the embroidery sampler for the rest of the week, as the contest said it's due this Friday. I already have enough done to enter the contest (2 squares) but I was hoping to finish it. I doubt it will be completely done by then though...too much left to do... especially with also having to sort things for the yard sale we're having this weekend. But I should be free to do more on The Farmer's Wife after the weekend.

Most of my embroidery was done with a baby in my lap ... which is fine with me. Then I was also able to embroider as I waited at the tire store for 2 hours for them to diagnose and then align my vehicle. Thankfully the baby slept peacefully in the car seat next to me in the waiting room for the whole 2 hours. Much more than that and we would have been in trouble. I'm NOT into nursing in public!

Anyway, the little one and I had some good time together. He was happy. I was happy :)

He even had his very own queen size bed to sleep in (with a memory foam mattress, to boot!) I took this picture to show how I have figured out to keep the blanket on him :) Can you see him grinning? He always kicks his blankets off right away. He doesn't roll over from his back yet, and only ever scoots toward the direction of his head, so I knew he'd be safe with these two pillows down as far as they were. (I moved the one by his head right after I took this picture). As it turned out, he didn't even scoot. He slept perfectly in this position in his own bed from about midnight to around 6 am :) Wow, that was a nice night's sleep. Now if I could just fit a queen sized bed with memory foam mattress into my room, we'd probably get to sleep like that every night - ha. Just kidding. He's doing really well in his crib now ;) But he did seem to like the memory foam.

So, what was the occasion for this great retreat? I was waiting on one of these. My 20 year old decided to take a spur of the moment trip across the country - from Western Wyoming to Pennsylvania to visit a friend for the week. He was on the bus trip longer than he was there. On the way back, two of his buses broke down, so we weren't sure when he was going to get in. Originally he was supposed to arrive at 5:50 Monday evening, but he didn't actually come in until nearly 7:30 am Tuesday. We knew he was off schedule, but there were several things I needed to get done in town, so I just went ahead and left as I had planned, and packed an overnight bag just in case it was necessary.

Here he is on one of his extended layovers - this one in Denver. He was stuck there 9 hours ... after having spent 7 hours on a layover in St. Louis. Needless to say, he's not real anxious to ride the bus again anytime soon.

I did have a little excitement on the way down Monday. This tanker semi had flipped, blocking the whole road. It happened out in the middle of nowhere, and the highway patrolman passed me on his way to the scene, so I estimate that it had happened maybe half and hour earlier. I had intended to leave half an hour earlier than I did, but the baby was wanting to nurse longer than I expected, and so on. I credit it with being God keeping me out of the way.

We had to go around the accident - off in the ditch to get around the blocked roadway. Good thing this happened where it did. The banks are pretty steep around here. Anyway, once I got past this, I could see that the truck had mostly done his wrecking in my lane. He was headed north, and I was headed south. It looked to me like he may have fallen asleep and then woke up realizing he was heading off the road on my side. So he swerved and there were tire marks from him trying to save it for roughly 100 yards - all in MY lane. I thought about it a lot as I drove ... there would have been nowhere to go if he had done all that right in front of me. I'm so glad nobody was in his way.

Now on to lighter news. Here are a couple of pictures I took of fun things I saw. First this church sign. AMEN! I don't agree with Lutheran doctrine, but this sign hits the nail on the head!

I saw this truck while I was out shopping. Isn't that an incredible paint job? It even had very faded flames. The blue was so bright, and I love the black and blue paint combination on trucks :) Anyway, it was such a nice truck, I had to take a picture.

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  1. yes rooms are expensive - $129 is normal for a lot of places. We usually try to book rooms when we need them through price line and sometimes can get them down to 79 a night but most times it is closer to 85. You did good!
    hope you had a nice time and glad you missed that accident on the road!