"Lo, Children Are An Heritage of the LORD: and the Fruit of the Womb is His Reward" - Psalm 127:3

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Entertainers

Some days I get to sew.

Most days I don't. Instead, the little men in my life captivate my attention. That's what happened today.

The two year old seems to be suffering from a lack of attention. He isn't fussy or naughty ... just ornery :) He was my shadow today - literally. Every time I turned around, I nearly tripped over him. I think I've read him more books in the last few days than I have since he was born. Okay, maybe not, but it sure seems like it :)

Take this series of pictures as an example of how my day has gone...

Pure sweetness, right? Well almost :) He's been cracking us up all day too. His language skills have taken a big leap, and he's saying all sorts of fun things. Today he wanted to go fishing. He kept begging to go to the park, and barking orders like, "Get my fishing pole!" At one point, he wanted to sit on the washing machine and watch it work (ours has a clear glass top so you can see the laundry being washed). He was giving a rolling commentary ... "It's working!" and then "I see fish in there." Followed by, "Get me down! It's too scary!" But then we've had that sort of day. After reading aloud from a book, I asked the 7 year old to tell me what it had been about, and he told that there had been a man standing in the circle of a semi ... as in a truck, (describing a scene where a men had been arranged in a semi-circle. Not exactly the same thing!)

The two year old is a great help with his little brother, and doesn't show any sign of being upset with him for displacing him as the baby of the family. He LOVES him, and is always the first to come running when he cries, and tell him, "It's okay, baby (he usually inserts the baby's name here)." He especially likes to help calm him down.

He's holding the pacifier in. (By the way, he thought it was a great treat to get to sit in the baby's crib. It's the only time it's ever happened.)

And here he is telling him all about his toes. Notice the rapt attention on the part of the baby...

He was quite proud of getting his brother to "hold the donkey." Never mind that the baby only looked like he was holding it ... and the fact that it is a giraffe is of no consequence ;)

He also knows how to get the baby to be quiet ... or at least how to tell him to be... SHH!

So, yeah, it's been a fun day... even without a stitch of sewing! Maybe now you can see why I don't always have sewing to blog about. I love being a Mama, and it will always be my first passion. Big yawn! Yep, I'm tired too. Good night!


  1. enjoy it while you can - they grow up so fast - the sewing will be waiting for you when you have more time.

  2. Adorable! I know what you mean. Some days I don't get to sew. And I don't mind those days that are filled with pretend and book reading, dress up and play. It's those days with the chores (laundry!) that I could do without!

    Cest la vie!