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Sunday, August 7, 2011

What Time Is It? BIBLE TIME!

I mentioned earlier that this week was another busy one. This week we had Neighborhood Bible Time at our church. We knew it had been a long week when on Saturday my husband slept in until 11:30! I had planned on going to yard sales early, but didn't actually leave until 9:15, and the only other person up (besides the baby) was my 7 year old. Now we're fairly well rested and ready to go.

My 7 year old won one of the daily Bible drills - where they have to find a passage in the Bible before anyone else - so he got to participate in the grand championship Bible drill at the closing program Friday night (He's the one in a blue shirt and khaki pants).

The competition was intense. He was very close to winning, but the girl in the foreground won. He's really improved in being able to locate Bible passages. We're very proud of him.

The teens, along with teen evangelist "Mr. Andrew" had to perform the Booster Cheer in front of everyone in the closing program. This is a song usually reserved for the younger kids, so it's always an embarrassment to the teens to have to do it :) My daughter was the pianist, so she is hiding behind the kids on the left.

She won everything for the teens though - The Fisherman Award for most visitors brought, the Bible Memory Champ - she said over 25 verses (last year she said 111, but all she did all week was study verses. This year she took a more relaxed approach and enjoyed the week. I think she could have beaten last year's total if she had tried. She said all her verses this year on one night, so if she had worked on them all week, she should have been able to do 125 at least). She also won the Bible awarded for the teen earning the most points (not surprising since verses and visitors all add points).

Here's a good picture of both of our NBT evangelists - Mr. Andrew (teen leader) on the platform, and Mr. Jarod in the front. He was in charge of all the younger kids. They were leading the congregation in a silly song called "Hi My Name is Joe." It was hysterical.

My daughter, doing "Hi My Name is Joe".

Here's the younger crowd doing the Booster Cheer. There were a lot more kids I didn't get in the picture - I was trying to zoom in on my 7 year old.

He's directly in front of the pulpit here.

My 7 year old won the Bible for most points for his grade. He also won the Fisherman Award, bringing the most visitors in the Primary department (1st through 3rd grade).

After the service, the teens on the winning team got to pour "anything you want to bring from your refrigerator" onto a chosen few from the losing team. My daughter made sure there was plenty of gross stuff in it, and mixed the concoction all together.

I won't show you the picture of it being poured on, as it was truly disgusting. The one doing the pouring was very merciful and mostly just got it on the garbage sacks on their backs rather than on their heads. Probably a good thing since right after the program all these guys headed up to the rodeo for the night ;)

It was definitely a great week. We had several young people make decisions for salvation, and for other things. I was able to volunteer more than I thought I would be able to with the new baby. I took the baby backpack (not sure what you call it when you actually wear it on the front of you) and was able to take care of snacks each evening for the teens. It was a good thing too, as it was just my husband and I helping for the teens at night. I was really thankful to have the opportunity. I love to be involved in Bible Time, but knew with the daycare and the baby, there's no way I could stay in the mornings and help with the younger kids. Thankfully our 20 year old was in town this week so he kept the 7 and 2 year old for the evenings while we were gone. That was a great help.

The middle of this week was our wedding anniversary. We almost both forgot about it. I didn't realize what day it was until noon, when I happened to see some friends of ours who share our anniversary post about it being their anniversary on Facebook. My husband didn't have a clue until our 20 year old reminded him just before we went to the teen meeting which started at 7 pm :) I wasn't angry - I knew there was a lot going on, and we had already decided before then to celebrate on the weekend instead. So last night we went up to a very fancy restaurant at one of the lakes, and had a nice steak dinner. It was excellent, and it was really nice to be out just the two of us (though by the time dinner was over, I was ready to get back to my baby!).

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