"Lo, Children Are An Heritage of the LORD: and the Fruit of the Womb is His Reward" - Psalm 127:3

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Science, Homeschool Style

I love homeschooling. It gives you opportunities to enjoy nature in ways you might otherwise have missed. After all, how many of us have paid any attention to moths or butterflies this summer, other than just to notice them in passing?

Well, for us, this is the summer of bugs. Insects, to be more accurate. So when I found a dying butterfly the other day, my first thought was to pick it up and take it inside to study later. It's been another (yes, yet another) crazy busy week. (I'm going to have to quit saying that. I think I say that every week, lol.) We have VBS at our church, which means we're there in the morning for young kids, and then again in the evening for teens... plus keeping up with the daycare. On top of that, the baby had a checkup in the town 77 miles away on Tuesday. Well, Tuesday was the day I found the butterfly - laying in the driveway (probably fell off the Excursion when we got home). It was being dragged across the driveway by a tiny little ant. So, I did what any normal homeschooling mother would do. I grabbed the butterfly, took it inside, set it on the counter, and put a glass over it so it wouldn't escape or get crushed. Then I rushed back out the door to the teen meeting. When we got home late Tuesday night, my husband captured an unsuspecting moth and added it to the collection under the glass.

Now, it's Thursday, and here they still sit... with one notable change...

The moth laid eggs on the butterfly! We were planning on adding both to our insect collection. But now, we have a living, growing experiment at hand. Did I mention I LOVE HOMESCHOOLING?

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