"Lo, Children Are An Heritage of the LORD: and the Fruit of the Womb is His Reward" - Psalm 127:3

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Oregon Grape Time Again

It's berry pickin' time again. Oregon Grapes :) Last year it was just my daughter and I, but this year we got two of the brothers involved too.

The seven year old did a surprisingly good job, considering it was his first year picking.

It was nice to have the 20 year old's help as well - great conversation, and comedy entertainment to boot!

In about an hour and a half, we ended up with a large dish tub full. I sent them over to Bugga's house this morning so she could make them into juice. We're busy packing and preparing for a short weekend excursion to meet my sister's new baby this weekend, and won't have time to get to them before we leave. We like to get together and make jelly together, so she'll make the juice and we'll do the jelly next week.

The two year old didn't get to go, but had to check out the cache.

I treated the kids to shakes (my vegan 20 year old had a veggie burger instead) for helping with the picking.

This is what happens when you take goofy self portraits in the house of a blogger ;) You end up n the blog. Truly, I love this picture. It sums up her personality perfectly, so I had to include it, right?

This is a random pic, but I thought it was cute that despite the fact that this futon couch is over 6 feet long, the two year old had to sit practically on top of his brother :) Guess he likes him :)

He likes the baby too. He was checking out his fingers, and he said, "L---'s fingers are little." I replied, "Yes, he does have little fingers." Then he excitedly said, with much emphasis, "He DOES have little fingers!" - as if it was the first time he had had the thought. :)

Later in the day he wasn't in such a good mood. He was really tired because we had extra daycare kids here and he didn't get his nap. He had just thrown a bunch of toys after his brother worked to clean them up, and his sister made him pick every one of them up, and even had to threaten to spank him to get him to comply. The funny thing about this was that he put himself in the chair - this is the naughty spot for the daycare. He stayed mad for a long time - probably sat with this same pouty face for about 5 minutes, then got up and went on as if nothing ever happened.

Speaking of pouty faces... This is the look the baby gave me when I checked out his bandaged arm.

See the bandaid? He had to have a blood test yesterday morning - out of a normal vein, not the foot like normal for babies. They had taken blood to test the day before out of his heel, but since it partially clotted, it gave a high reading for potassium. They had to do the test over to insure that it was the clotting that caused it, and not really high potassium. When they did the draw from his arm, they used the same size needle as they do on adults. It looked huge compared to his arm. I hoped we could hold him still enough. It was pretty miserable for him, and I think he was remembering that when he gave me the pouty face for checking the bandage. I will give the nurse credit though - she did a great job and he only has the tiniest little bruise.

This is just a random photo. I liked the angle of it.

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