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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Got My Birthday Present! and My "To-Do" List Just Grew!

I asked for this book for my birthday after seeing a bunch of projects from it on the Pink Chalk Studio blog. My sweet Mom gave me an Amazon gift card that covered this book ... and a few others ;) THANKS MOM!

So of course the first thing I did was flip through it with my camera on, taking pictures of all the projects I want to do. Like, who doesn't do that, right?

This first one is a pouch that hangs on the side of the bed to hold all your right-before-bed reading materials. Gotta make one of those.

I love this bookshelf. The backs of the shelves are covered in fabric. Too cute. But I'm not sure I'll actually make one of these - other than for in a child's room. Too many books. You wouldn't be able to see the fabric anyway - ha.

This ironing board cover is something I NEED to make for my tabletop ironing board. I won't even show you my old worn out one - ugh.

This little mail pouch might just be the thing I need to get my bills and mail in order. Definitely going to have to pick some different fabric though - I hate this fabric. But to each their own. I can't say I love any of the fabric used on these projects. But you have to see the potential...

A sewing machine cover. Sure could use a few of these. Maybe once I get my sewing room, I'll use my machines so often that a cover won't be needed. Can't say this is the cutest or best-designed cover I've ever seen. I'll probably get a pattern online instead, but this project does remind me that I've been meaning to make one ... for each machine.

And who can't use an organizer tray? I'm not sure it's worth the work to sew one, but who knows? As my Dad always said, it's a definite maybe.

This is a laptop sleeve. It would be a great project if I ever turned off my laptop. I have a nice case for mine for traveling, so I probably don't need to make this, but it is a cute sleeve.

A CD case might be nice. Our CD's always end up getting scratched up - especially in the car - because everyone just stacks them up and lets them slide around as we drive rather than putting them back in their plastic cases. For that matter the plastic cases tend to crack and break too easily too. Yep, better make one of these.

This will be my first project - and it's the project that made me want the book. It's a 3-ring binder cover with an organizer pocket on the inside flap. I can see all sorts of possibilities with this. I use a lot of binders, and I think it would be nice to know what's in the binder (craft patterns, gardening ideas, recipes) without having to label it with words. But clearly, I will be changing fabric. I can't understand the fascination with skulls and demonic stuff. Anyway, I'm planning on using fabric of the theme for each notebook - herbs or something for the gardening book, food for the recipes, sewing notions for the craft notebook, etc.

This is a trash pouch for a vehicle. I can see making one for trash, one for toys or books, one for extra diapers and wipes, etc. It's a very useful idea.

This is a cute little travel bag for just a couple diapers, wipes and changing pad. Probably ought to make two of those...

Here's the same concept, only smaller and easier, and maybe more gender neutral. The other one looks more like a purse.

LOVE this little fire chief hat. I probably ought to make half a dozen of these for the daycare. Our heavy plastic one finally got broken - no idea how that happened, but now we need a new hat :)

Cute little child-size messenger bag. I can think of a couple boys who would love these. Think of all the treasures they could stuff into a bag like this...

So overall, I'm impressed with the book. Out of the "101 projects" these are the only ones I think I would make, and some of these patterns are easily available for free on the internet. But still, I probably wouldn't have thought of them, and it's handy to have the patterns already printed out, waiting in a pouch in the front for me to use. On the other hand, there are quite a few projects I didn't like, and sections I didn't care for - like the clothing and pet sections. The clothes are all skimpy and I am a little bit anti-pet, but for those that have them, (and for those skinny enough to wear the clothes) I'm sure those sections are nice. At any rate, I'm sure I got my money's worth out of the book, and I'm looking forward to trying some of these projects. This will be a perfect way to use up some of the fat quarters I'll be buying on the shop hop this weekend!


  1. I still like to make the cloth-covered binders. I use them for my music for church. back in my college days, I used to make them and sell them in the Ambassador bookstore. :)

  2. Leah, I didn't realize you did that back then. I am looking forward to making some. We have the big shop hop this weekend, so I'm excited to get a bunch of fabric for some of these projects. By the way, I love your new piano! God is so good!!

  3. I love the look of the binder folders. Would like to do that with my Homemaking Journal. By the way, I sent a letter off to you on Thursday - so you should get it in a week or two! Look for something nice in the mail!

  4. I'm looking forward to it, Sarah. I sent one to you too - I think it was mailed last Friday (the 29th) but I'm not positive about that :)