"Lo, Children Are An Heritage of the LORD: and the Fruit of the Womb is His Reward" - Psalm 127:3

Monday, May 9, 2011

Shop Hop, Stop Nine - Pocatello, Idaho

Stop Nine was Sierra's in Pocatello.

Their block was the spinning wheel. I really like this block, and can see making a whole quilt using this pattern. It's one of my favorites.

Of course their charm was a spinning wheel.

This was a neat version of a coin quilt. I like how they made rectangles and turned them in different directions.

I fell in love with this Christmas panel. It doesn't show very well in the picture, but it really looks pieced. It's pretty intricate, and will be a good hand stitching project. I'm planning on just backing and binding it, and hand quilting around the designs. It may be Christmas 2015 before it gets done though, because it's not a priority to me.

Here is Sierra's version of the shop hop quilt. We absolutely LOVED their color choices.

The game at this store was sort of a wheel of fortune type of spinning wheel, which they had you spin to determine what you won. I won a 25% discount on any pattern or book, but didn't find anything I really thought I needed. My daughter won a recyclable shopping bag, and a certificate for 20 or 30 percent off anything and everything we could fit in the bag. I got all of this stuff in the bag. The blue and red things in the front of the picture collapsible boxes - they fold out into a sort of pencil box. I thought they would look nice in my new sewing room, which will be done in those colors. I plan to use them for scissors and crochet hooks and such.

The owl and mushroom fabrics are fat quarter flannels. The purple is a half yard cut, and the Christmas panel was just to beautifully done not to buy it :) I'm not into Santa, and usually avoid everything connected with him, but this was such a classy panel, I decided to indulge. We don't do Santa with our kids either. We much prefer to celebrate Christ's birth at Christmas.

I also took advantage of the discount to pick up a triangle ruler. I love 60 degree triangle quilts and have wanted a ruler for awhile but our local shop doesn't carry them, and they seemed pricy online - plus shipping. So it was a good time to get them. Total spent = $37.83

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