"Lo, Children Are An Heritage of the LORD: and the Fruit of the Womb is His Reward" - Psalm 127:3

Monday, May 9, 2011

Shop Hop, Stop Seven - Idaho Falls, Idaho

Our next stop was at Madsen's Crafts and Framing, in Idaho Falls. Their quilt block was called "Lets Go To the Hop" and they had a 50's theme going on.

Their charm was a poodle.

We thought their block just looked like a big "G" in all the quilts.

We LOVED their version of the shop hop quilt though. They used flannels, and did a fringed edge finish. Very soft, cuddly, and great colors! They had a trivia game where they asked questions about old songs. I had to answer a question about Elvis' Return to Sender, and my daughter had a Chapel of Love question. By pure educated guess, we both got our questions right. If we had been willing to sing two lines of our song on a karaoke machine we would have been awarded with retro sodas, but we didn't know two lines of either song, and if we had, there's no way I would have sung them. I considered asking if I could buy a soda, but figured there wasn't much point as our next stop was lunch.

Because of our game, my daughter won a fat quarter. And she chose this. Really. She picked this hideous fabric. Easily the ugliest piece of fabric I saw all day.

I won another discount - can't remember how much. I bought these three cuts of fabric and some elastic thread. I've seen a lot of projects online using elastic thread and thought it might be fun to give it a try, so now I'm prepared, should the right project come along :) I think the red and blue are half yard cuts and the fun print on the right was a full yard. I'm going to use it on the back of my dinosaur flannel for a lightweight baby blanket. Total spent $24.72

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