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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Banquet

Saturday I spent most of the day in a couple of training classes for my daycare. The first was called "I Don't Want To Eat That." It was all about clever ideas to get kids to eat more things. After a quick bite of lunch, the second session, "Friends Are For Huggin' Not Buggin'" was held. It was all about handling children with problems getting along with others. Both classes were pretty fun, and I came home with two free books to boot!

Books are always very well received here :) (He's not plugging his ears - that's his kicked back pose.)

Then Saturday evening, my husband and I attended the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation banquet. That's a big fundraiser for RMEF, with lots of fun for everyone who attends, not to mention a wonderful dinner of smoked prime rib, and all the trimmings. They have raffles, auctions, silent auctions and games where you can win all sorts of prizes. We tried to win a truck ... well, we tried. They had a "penny raffle" for the truck. It was interesting - they had a bucket of raffle tickets, and you would draw tickets out and the last three digits on the ticket were how much you had to pay for the ticket - so you could pay anywhere from a penny up to $9.99 for your ticket. You got to keep drawing until you wanted to stop. My husband bought four tickets - the cheapest was 30 cents and the most expensive was $9.87. Not a great draw - ha. It was rather comical - the truck was donated by Pinedale Dodge, but it was a 1992 FORD truck - ha. They wrapped it in camo and put huge Pinedale Dodge stickers on the doors. I didn't take my camera along, so I don't have a picture of that. Too bad I didn't - there were some amazing prizes there. But I didn't want to have to keep track of it all night.

I was disappointed that we didn't win any of the raffle items, but then there were people buying $100 worth of tickets at a time so they could get into the special auction for a gun safe, and we only bought $20 worth. (We were on a deliberate budget and only took as much as we wanted to spend.) We did have better luck with some of the games. I won two really nice hats (too bad they were identical) and three boxes of laundry detergent (?? I know - odd prize, right?) spinning the "wheel of fortune."

We were also given a nice knife for buying our membership (which my husband must have already put away), and I bought six glasses with the elk logo on them - love those. They sell them along with tickets to get beer, and we don't drink, but I waited until after the banquet, went over to the table and asked if I could buy the glasses without beer tickets. They gave me a great deal on them. That's the worst part about the banquet - you have a lot of very drunk people around. But I guess that helps loosen the wallets. I kept track of the auction amounts and came up with about $50,000 just from the auctioned items. That doesn't include all the special raffles and other fund raising games, or the membership fees. I imagine they brought in double that amount, easily. (We are a very small town - about 1,300 people, and the banquet doesn't bring in that many people, but they say we raise more money here than the banquet in Denver. I say shame on Denver.)

I have several other glasses that I have bought at garage sales, and they are my favorite glasses. I hate that they are connected with drinking, but they are great, heavy glass glasses with elk on them - and if you have seen our house, you know I decorate almost exclusively in western wildlife - elk, moose, bear, etc.

So now we have three different styles of glasses. The one on the left is the style we got this year. The one in the middle is my favorite, but I only have one of those.

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