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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Shop Hop, Stop Three - Driggs, Idaho

Stop three was in Driggs, Idaho at a little shop called High Country Quilting. It's located in a little house and is packed with fabric.

The quilt block for this shop was a maple leaf.

I like this charm probably the best - or close to the best - of all the charms we got.

This shop didn't have a finished shop hop quilt. The owner's father has just passed away, and then she was put on oxygen, so she didn't get time to finish it. It was a good reminder that despite all our planning, life sometimes intervenes. We did really like her color choices though.
They were having a special where you would be entered into a drawing for a basket of 100 fat quarters ~ wouldn't that be a dream :) ~ if you spent $25. So we did. My daughter found some blue flower fabric to coordinate with the pink dilly dally fabric she bought to make my sister's baby a carseat cover. She also picked out a brown and pink paisley fat quarter. The rest of the fabric in the picture is mine. The turquoise dots and red fabric will probably make their way into my hexagon quilt, but the other three brown and blue fat quarters I fell in love with and have no definite plan for. I'm sure they'll work in one of the projects from the One Yard Wonders book, but I haven't decided which one yet :) Amount spent = $26 (roughly. I can't find the receipt for this store.)

I fell in love with this metal lunch box. She had fabrics displayed in it. I would have bought it had the box been for sale :)

We cracked up when we noticed this sign, which was posted over a store-room door. Gotta love a good sense of humor.

Here are a couple of other quilts this store had on display. The circle quilt is mounted in the corner, so the picture looks a little strange.

We thought this was a fun flower quilt. Love the squared off petals. And each flower had a button in the center which was also flower shaped. Cute quilt.

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