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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Shop Hop, Stop Five - Rexburg, Idaho

Our next stop was at Rosemary's Stash in Rexburg, Idaho. This is a fun shop. Pretty small, but she has some cute stuff. Loved the sign :)

My daughter fell in love with with these big buttons - they're probably about 2 inches wide.

I had to get a picture of this cement mixer pillow. My husband drives a mixer at the moment, and the boys are especially thrilled with them. His mixer even looks similar to this one - it's a front discharge mixer - but his is white. So, I'll probably have to make one of these for the boys' room eventually.

We played Plinko at this store and my daughter won a 25% discount. I won a 30% discount. It was fun and a very good discount!

This is their version of the shop hop quilt. Their block is in the top left corner - and is called "Three Chartreuse Buzzards."

They had this owl quilt in the works on their design wall. I almost bought the kit for this one out of a catalog a few months ago. If I had been having a girl, I think I would have made this one :) I LOVE owls! Must have something to do with growing up in the 70's - ha.

Even though this store had a lot of fun stuff, I had a really hard time finding anything to buy here. Thankfully I had made a list of fabrics I needed for specific projects ahead of time, and was able to find three that I needed. With a 30% discount, I needed to buy something ;) These are each half-yard cuts. Total spent = $10.27, plus $5 for raffle tickets, which I will explain in a minute.

My daughter picked these fabrics and buttons. I was surprised at the fabrics - she doesn't have a plan for them and doesn't usually care much about fabric or sewing, so it was good to see her get into the spirit of the day - ha. The buttons are darker blue than they appear in the picture, and they're somewhat textured - kind of like homemade paper. It's hard to explain, but they're really cute. The picture above of the box of buttons is much better for accurate color and texture. She wants to use them as accents on pillows in her new room - accenting the lime green and black and white.

Isn't this butterfly quilt cute? They were raffling this quilt as a benefit for an 18 year old girl who is fighting cancer. She and her family were in Africa when she became very sick and was life-flighted to Germany. They found out she has cancer and she is now too sick to travel home. They are treating her with chemotherapy, and it didn't sound like she is doing very well. Being there with my own 18 year old daughter, it really struck a chord with me. It seemed like a very worthy cause.

So here is the pattern for the buzzard square.

Their charm was an "R" - my least favorite charm. It would be great, if my name started with R. Oh well.

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